LeAnn Rimes 50 Hot Bikini Photos

For starters guys, if your going out tonight, and your going to drink, have a Designated Driver!!!!!!
We don't want to lose any of you!

Out of all the ladies in bikinis that we have had this last week, LeAnn Rimes is by far our Favorite!!!!
We just added another gallery for her, a total of 5 with almost 800 pics of her.
Don't Tell me we don't Love Her?
Happy New Year, Cheers!


Salma Hayek - Red Bikini - Late Christmas Present!

We haven't seen Salma Hayek in a bikini for a long time, like before she got pregnant?
Lookin good!
Did she marry like a trillionaire?

Bar Refaeli Bikini Photos

Hey who stays home for Christmas?
Not Bar Refaeli, you head to Cabo, put on a tiny bikini, just to help all us poor bastards that have to stay home and shovel snow!
Well at least the pics helped warm me up after spending hours shoveling, just to have the wind put it right back where it was!
Ya I know wa, wa, but 2 feet is too much for anyone, and I'm talking about snow.
Just added 40 new pics and 6 videos all at the bottom of the gallery.


Paris Hilton December 25th Bikini Pictures!

I think one thing we can agree on, Paris Hilton looks good in a bikini, nude even better! - ???
I just don't get it, what's the attraction to Paris Hilton?
In my opinion she's got absolutely no talent, kinda like Kim Kardashian but Paris has a cute ass!
Unless you like big asses, and Kim Kardashian has the market on that category?
Don't know maybe it's time to do the a Who'D you rather on Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian?
They're both rich, from stupid ass reality shows, they both have had a limited modeling career, and they both have done homemade porno's.
Enjoy the bikini pics, like we haven't seen them before.

Sexy Amanda Righetti from The Mentalist Pics

Amanda Righetti from The Mentalist is Smoken Hot!
Makes The Mentalist worth watching!!!


Lucy Pinder - Topless - Candid - Pics - Boxing Day!

Lucy Pinder Topless and Candid on the beach for Boxing Day!
One thing you don't see much of is Lucy Pinder candid topless pics?
What better way to celebrate boxing day with Lucy Pinder and topless to boot?


Merry Christmas!

To all the Troops and their families, THANK YOU!!!
You didn't ask to be there, but Thank God you are!
Thank You, and Merry Christmas.


Please Santa the only thing I want is Carrie Underwood!

OK Santa, the only thing I want is Carrie Underwood!!!! - ????
I have pictures of her in different bikinis to help you find her, don't worry if she doesn't have one of these bikinis on, I'm just going to undress her anyway!
Thanks Santa!
Love DJ


3 sets of Cameron Diaz bikini pictures!

What better way to warm up after freezing my ass off 1/2 the day shoveling snow, then 3 sets of Cameron Diaz bikini pictures?
Cameron Diaz a 10 ass all the way!
Yes we are in the Christmas mood, we're going to leave it at that!
Also added both Megan Fox and Katy Perry updates.

Blast to the Past - Markie Post Picture Gallery

Remember Night Court?
At one time Markie Post was rated the Hottest Lady ever on TV!
Check out all the pics of her, mostly younger in her Gallery.
To Markie Post Picture Gallery


Last weeks most viewed Ladies!

This week’s top 4 ladies are Lyndsy Fonseca, April Bowlby, Jamie Lee Curtis and Julianne Hough!
The biggest surprise to us was Julianne Hough, since she quit Dancing with the Stars she has fallen to one of the lowest viewed ladies.
For 4 years Julianne was our top viewed lady, but leaving Dancing with the Stars has got to be the worst career choice she’s ever made?
Glad you're back Julianne, now dump Ryan Seacrest, and beg for your job back from the directors on Dancing with the Stars?????