Cheryl Ladd still a Favorite!

Cheryl Ladd is still a favorite after all these years!
I don't know if Charlies Angles is still in re-runs, but Cheryl Ladd still has a large fan base viewing her here on Watt-up.com, even more so after Farrah Fawcett death last week.
Born in 1951, and still looks Good!


Kellie Pickler secretly dating Kid Rock for over a year!

Former American Idol contest and country star Kellie Pickler announced during a radio interview she's been secretly dating Kid Rock for over a year, according to Associated Content.
OK where the hell did that come from, Kellie Pickler - Pamela Anderson = Kid Rock?
Other than both Kellie and Pamela both having fake boobs, I'm lost?
Enough said, leave your comments, what do you think?

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Emma Watson - On the Set of 'Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows'

Has anyone else noticed that Emma in the last 3-6 months shes gone from looking like a teen age girl to a woman?
You gota love those profile shots!
Also over 100 more pictures added.



Michael Jackson, pop music legend, dead at 50

CNN has confirmed that Michael Jackson is dead.
The singer died after suffering a heart attack, and slipping into a coma.
Jackson was 50 years old.
No doubt one of the greatest performers and singers of all time. Despite his recent troubles, Michael Jackson will be known as one of the greatest and The King of Pop!
RIP Michael Jackson

'Charlie's Angel' Farrah Fawcett dies at 62

A spokesman for Farrah Fawcett confirms that Hollywood pop icon died Thursday morning at a Los Angeles Hospital.
The actress, whose career skyrocketed during her run on the 70s television show "Charlie's Angels" publicly admitted this year to a battle with cancer.
Fawcett left the hit show after just one season, but her popularity as a sex symbol grew when a poster of her posing a bathing suit sold more than 8 million copies.
She was 62.

RIP Farrah we will Miss You!

Emmanuelle Chriqui Hot Abbs and See Through Top!

Emmanuelle Chriqui is Top on the Hottie List!
Sorry guys but to us, Emmanuelle Chriqui is way above Megan Fox!
Plus whens the last time Megan Fox treated us to shots of her Bobs?
Emmanuelle Chriqui is Watt-ups winner!


Olivia Munn topless Playboy pictures!

Will one of our favorite Hotties at G4 TV Olivia Munn has gone topless for Playboy magazine, Now Olivia move your damn Hands!
The pictures, or should I say Olivia Munn is still Smoken Hot!!!


Hot Elizabeth Hurley Bikini Pics

She might be almost 44 but Elizabeth Hurley looks 30!
You're not getting older You're getting Better!
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We’ve moved over to our New Dedicated Server!!!!

This weekend has been Crazy, trying to get all the kinks out of our New Dedicated Server, we moved watt-up.com from a VPS, and watt-up-1.com from shared hosting.

They are both on our own server now.
Watt-up-1.com is still propagating so some of you may be getting the old shared hosting, which is down right now.
By Tuesday the propagation should be done!
Thanks for your patience through the last 2 months of BS that we have gone through.
A big Thanks goes out to David B, who has helped with this transaction!
You can reach both at the following:
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Kathy Ireland - Blast to the Past

Can you believe Kathy Ireland is 46 years old?
Even though most of her gallery pics are from her 20's and 30's she still looks Smoken Hot today!


Christina Milian bikini pictures! Re-run

Back for an encore posting is Hottie Christina Milian.
She can sing, she can dance, she can act and to top it off she looks killer in a bikini!
I just found over 60 hot new pics of this sexy lady in a bikini.
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