One Hell of a Heatsink!

You may have guessed that we had a major melt-down on our main graphics machine here at Watt-up.com, that should now be a thing of the past?
Our new build-machine has the new Intel Core i5-650 Clarkdale 3.2GHz 4MB L3 Cache LGA 1156 73W Dual-Core with an ASUS motherboard and the COOLER MASTER GeminII CPU Cooler.
I would give Newegg a plug here, but since they think we're to racy of a site and don't want to advertise on us I won't!
I will give Clay a thumbs-up on the hardware build on the new machine, as always did us a Great Job!
Keeping Watt-up.com, up and running!

Marie Osmond's Son Commits Suicide

Marie Osmond's son Michael Blosil took his own life Friday night after leaping to his death from his Los Angeles apartment, E! News confirms.
The 18-year-old reportedly suffered from severe depression in recent years, leaving behind a note which detailed his plans to commit suicide. In it, Blosil explained his loneliness, stating that he felt as if he had no friends and simply did not fit in.
Osmond expressed her grief over the tragedy in a statement released Saturday evening: "My family and I are devastated and in deep shock by the tragic loss of our dear Michael and ask that everyone respect our privacy during this difficult time."
An autopsy will likely be done Sunday.
Back in 2007, Blosil, then age 16, entered a rehab facility for undisclosed treatment. At the time, Osmond released a statement saying "Michael is an amazing young man, shown through his courage in facing his issues. As his mother, I couldn't be more proud of him."
Blosil is one of Osmond and her music producing ex-husband Brian Blosil's seven children, five of whom, including Michael, are adopted.
Prior to any public knowledge of Blosil's emotional issues.
Osmond and brother Donny have indefinitely canceled their Las Vegas show at the Flamingo Hotel.
Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on Saturday, Donny simply said, "Please pray for my sister and her family."
Watt-up: Our prays and thoughts are with you Marie and family, I can't imagine the pain of losing a child.
RIP Michael


Jaime Pressly - My Name is Earl

I still think it SUCKS that they canceled My Name is Earl, whats up with that?
Are we in for a life of $100 fake reality shows from MTV?
Come on Big 4 TV networks, you wonder why your rating keep falling, look no farther than all the Good shows that you have canceled!


Andrew Koenig suicide: 'he was obviously in a lot of pain,' dad says

Andrew Koenig, who played Boner on the classic sitcom "Growing Pains," has apparently lost his long battle with depression. "My son took his own life," Andrew's father, Walter Koenig of "Star Trek" fame, told reporters during a press conference today in Vancouver (video below), adding his son "was obviously in a lot of pain." The body of Andrew, who was missing in Canada since Feb. 16, was found around noon Thursday near a wooded area by family and friends who were scouring a park that Andrew liked to visit.
Andrew was suffering from clinical depression at the time of his disappearance, according to Walter Koenig's web site and the last time the Koenigs heard from Andrew by phone was on February 9. His cell phone was later turned off.
Walter Koenig hoped others would learn from the tragedy. He said "there are people out there who really care and you may not think so, and ultimately it may not be enough," but encouraged people to talk to somebody "before you make that final decision." Andrew's mother Judy added, "Don't rationalize away anything, connect with each other if there's something that's bothering you because there's love out there."


Bridget Moynahan - Refreshing - Hot - Sexy

Bridget Moynahan Still Natural and nice!
One of the few Hollywood starlets not to increase their bust line with silicone!
What a refreshing change.
Plus that 10 ass doesn't hurt things!


Heidi Montag???????

I don't know what to say about Heidi Montag, but opinions seem to be either you Love the New Heidi or you Hate the New Heidi?
I will say one thing, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!


Charlies Angels Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd Out & About

Jaclyn Smith at 64 and Cheryl Ladd at 58 look amazing!
Just goes to show that true beauty can be timeless!
To gallery's of the ladies when they were younger


Kaley Cuoco - The Hottest Woman on TV!

Maxim magazine says that Kaley Cuoco is The Hottest Woman on TV, and we Agree!!!
This issue of Maxim has to be the Hottest magazine on news stands now!
To over 20 hot pics to prove it!
To Kaley Cuoco Hot new pics
To Kaley Cuoco Gallery 1
To Kaley Cuoco Gallery 2
To Kaley Cuoco Gallery 3
To Kaley Cuoco Gallery 4
To Kaley Cuoco newest pics


April Bowlby or Marin Hinkle?

Spot Light Band: Aaron Christensen Song: Time 2 Confess

So Who is Aaron Christensen?
He is an artist, writer and performer.
For the last 10 years he's been playing clubs around Arizona, Utah and Nevada.
Follow the link and listen or download his song: Time 2 Confess.
He wrote, performed and yes is playing ALL the instruments you hear! Leave your thoughts in the comments!
Enjoy. To: Aaron Christensen Song: Time 2 Confess


Lorraine Nicholson Hot Bikini pics!

Yes Lorraine Nicholson is Jack Nicholson's Hot Daughter!
Had I not read it, I never would have guessed.
The movie she is working on is called Soul Sufer.
Way to go Jack we do appreciate your work!


Chelsie Hightower Hot Bikini Pictures

Here's something we haven't seen before, a bikini photo shoot of Chelsie Hightower!
Thank You SI, Thank You Chelsie Hightower!
I for one look forward to Chelsie and Dancing with the Stars new season starting March 22.
To Chelsie Hightower Picture Gallery


45 More Jennifer Aninston and Courtney Cox Hot Bikini Pictures

When you have 45 more Hot, New, Bikini pictures of both Jennifer Aninston and Courtney Cox what do you do?
You add them, even if its two days in a row!
Most are High Resolution, so click on the bottom of the pics to enlarge to full size.