Ice Road Truckers Season 3 Starts Tonight

If you haven't seen Ice Road Truckers, you need to.
I have watched season 1 and 2, although it’s a little far fetched and over dramatic, it’s worth your time.
Ice Road Truckers Season 3 tonight on the History Channel


Salma Hayek - Fools Rush In

So it Saturday night, and you have been out in the yard working all day, or surfing the web all day, go a head and give the little lady a treat.
Go out and rent Fools Rush In, ya its a chick flick, but with Salma Hayek, how can you go wrong?
And yes I do like the movie, one of Salma best!


Come on Startlogic!

I'm too pissed off to even write about the BS with Startlogic today, So I'll cool down and tell you later.
To top off today I was hacked into, ya after 3 pm that’s why the entrance page was down.
Sorry for the site being down.
No it's not shared hosting, it's my server.

Avril Lavigne Bikini Pictures

Avril Lavigne hit the beach in Malibu Monday, looks like bikini season is finally upon us!!!

Pamela Anderson Pink Bikini pics

Pamela Anderson in a pink bikini, from 2 different days.
Pam looks Hot in all these pics, not like some in the past.


Hot Eva Green Picture Gallery Added!

Eva Green who many of you may know from Dreamers, has just been added to our list of Sexy Celebrity Ladies!
There are a lot of pics out there from the movie Dreamers, but not many others.
We hope to change that with the add of her gallery.


Do you see the motorcycle?

This was sent to me from a Friend that works for The Department of Public Safety.

Now Do You See It????????

The Honda rider was traveling at such a 'very high speed', his reaction time was not sufficient enough to avoid this accident.
Police estimate a speed of 155mph before the bike hit the slow moving car side-on at an intersection.
At that speed, they predicted that the rider's reaction time (once the vehicle came into view) wasn't sufficient enough for him to even apply the brakes.
The car had two passengers and the bike rider was found INSIDE the car with them.
The Volkswagen actually flipped over from the force of impact and landed 10 feet from where the collision took place.
All three involved (two in car and rider) were killed instantly.
This graphic demonstration was placed at the Motorcycle Fair by the Police and Road Safety Department.
The sign above the display also noted that the motorcycle rider had only recently obtained his license.
At 155 mph the operator is traveling at 227 feet per second.
With normal reaction time of 1.6 seconds the above operator would have traveled over 363 feet (21 yards more than the length of a football field) while making a decision on what actions to take.
Pass this on to new drivers or soon to be new drivers, or new motorcycle owners.
A picture is worth a thousand words.

Jennifer Morrison Hot Bikini Pictures

Jennifer Morrison Hot Bikini pictures from Men's Fitness, Thank you Men's Fitness!
I can hardly wait until the high resolution pictures leak out.
We haven't seen this hot of a photo shoot of Jennifer Morrison since Maxim!


Hayden Panettiere Bikini Adds, White and Orange & White Bikinis!

You can always count on Hayden Panettiere as being cute and perky!
Hope she never gets a boob job that would just wreck a 9 1/2 Hot Body!
Just added 86 more pics, we have a lot of Oops, you'll just have to full size them all to see.
Don't know who the other Hottie with her is, but she has a 10 ass!
I just had to throw a pic of the boat, or does this qualify for a ship?
OK yacht should cover it, how would it be?
Makes me want to throw my 12 foot dingy on top of the old Impala and go fishing!
To the rest of Hayden Panettiere newest Hot Bikini Pics!

Memorial Day - Arms of the angel Fallen hero's tribute

Another Thank You To Our Troops!

Another Thank You To Our Troops!

You didn't ask to be there, But Thank God You Are!

Thank You!

Let Us Not Forget!
God Bless America

To A Thank You Video for OUR TROOPS!


Tanya Memme Hot and Sexy Pictures!

So it's no secret that Tanya Memme is one of Watt-up's favorite ladies of all time, and is our favorite lady on Saturday's TV line up!
I just wish that we could get soom New High Resolution pics!
Still waiting for her movie Terror Inside to come out too.
So until they do, the current galleries will have to do.
Sorry, but even old pics with Tanya are good.


Kara DioGuardi is the New Bikini Girl!

The best part of last nights American Idol 8 Finale was the sing - bikini off between Bikini Girl Katrina Darrell and Judge Kara DioGuardi!
We already knew that Kara DioGuardi had a hot body, this showed the rest of the American Idol viewers.
Bikini Girl Katrina Darrell showed viewers that she had bought a new pair of boobs with her 15 seconds of fame.
Remember when Kellie Pickler showed hers off for the fist time on American Idol?
What is it with past contestants showing new boobs off to the world for the first time on American Idol?
According to Watt-up.com (us) Kara DioGuardi won the sing - bikini off!
Voting base on: We hate fake boobs, and Kara DioGuardi sung a hell of a lot better!
We did give Bikini Girl Katrina Darrell a +10 on her ass!

Kris Allen Wins American Idol 2009!

So I'll make this short and sweet, Kris Allen wins over Adam Lambert!
I didn't really care this year; I totally lost interest after all the eye candy (Megan Joy Corkery) got booted off.
This year for me has been one of the worst years ever!
What people are saying: Adam fans on message boards and others are talking about the role homophobia and disgruntled Danny Gokey fans played in the upset, along with all those teeny-bopper girls text-messaging like crazy for Kris.
But the cool thing is Adam and Kris are friends, and both handled the situation like pros, with Adam congratulating Kris and keeping a big smile on his face.

Adam is gay?, really, come on!
I don't think most care, I don't, I hated how he was always screaming!
How can the judges say Adam is so good, yet say to others you’re screaming the song, not singing it?
The highlight of last nights show was when Bikini Girl Katrina Darrell and Judge Kara DioGuardi had a sing - bikini off!
Congratulations Kris Allen!


Shawn Johnson takes Dancing with the Stars crown!

Shawn Johnson became the third Olympian to make the Dancing with the Stars finale and, like Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Anton Ohno before her, the Olympian was crowned the Dancing with the Stars champion of season eight.
She is also the youngest star to compete and win the series!
Congratulations Shawn Johnson and partner Mark Ballas!