Happy Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween from all of us at Watt-up.com!

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected on the East Coast, and of course to the Troops!
Have fun and if you're Drinking, Drink Responsibly!


Elvira - Cassandra Peterson Smoken Hot Pictures!

Damn can you believe Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) is 61 years old?
Those boobs of the Dark Lady still look Amazing!
With Halloween coming up, it seems only fitting to throw a few up, Again!
Enjoy this Hottie!
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Dish Network - The Walking Dead - AMC?

UPDATE: I have to give Dish Network credit for getting AMC and The Walking Dead back on tonight! AFT! Now where is my credit for the last 3 months of no AMC and the $3 for having to buy last weeks episode on Amazon???? And a new Hopper for all the BS! I know I'm never satisfied.

Below is the one sided conversation with Dish Network on Twitter!
One sided because they never responded to any of the questions or instant messaging to them, NOT ONE!!!
I guess they don't want my business, If you’re a Walking Dead or AMC fan I'm guessing you'll be doing the same????

7th Oct @dish_answers Less then a week until The Walking Dead how about an answer Dish Network, are you getting AMC back or not ? 2nd time asked!

8th Oct @dish_answers Actions speak louder then words! Dish only answers what they want to???????? After 12 years time to switch!

14th Oct Goodbye Dish network!!!! After over 12 years as a loyal customer I'm GONE! Let’s see how many others leave you now!
Here are some comments on Twitter in just 5 minutes!!!
Let Dish Network know how you feel at https://twitter.com/dish_answers

@dish_answers AMC rocks with The Walking Dead only!!! You should include them back on your packages!!!

@dish_answers you're not open if you are waiting on them to change their position. just saying...i will look to cancel my service tomorrow.
@dish_answers @TXDarkKnight * Fuck you DISH and AMC both for this continued bullshit!

@dish_answers @TXDarkKnight That is BS. Dis has said they wll NOT carry AMC, ever.

@dish_answers stop fucking lying and give my channels back or else imma be in y'all mentions talking shit every Sunday

@dish_answers @TXDarkKnight I want AMC back as well. Follow the comments on facebook and you will be seeing how many customers are leaving.

#dish_answers #AMC #The Walking Dead #Dish Network #DishNetwork
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