In Plain Sight: A New Season Sunday on USA - Pictures

USA network's hot TV show In Plain Sight starts its new season Sunday May 1st!
This is one of my favorite shows of the season!!
I just hope that it's a full season and not what I would call a half season with only 12 episodes???
And USA network, hope you turned up the sexy, it could use some More!!!
Over all a Great show to watch!
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Haley Reinhart From American Idol Gallery Added!

Updated Haley Reinhart makes it through Thursdays elimination!!!!!!
Just added Haley Reinhart From American Idol Gallery!
I know a lot of you think that Pia Toscano was the Hot One on American Idol this year, WRONG, not saying that she isn't Hot, but Haley Reinhart is the Hottest!!!!!
Haley Reinhart just gets me going, that curly hair and sexy petite frame along with her voice just make her a solid 10.
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Cheryl Burke SI Bikini Pictures

Thanks you SL, Thank you Cheryl Burke!
I will say that Cheryl Burke looks pretty good in a bikini????
I wonder if she will be the next pro dancer from Dancing with the Stars to do Playboy Magazine?
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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!!
To all the Troops THANK YOU!!!
You didn't ask to be there, but Thank God you are!
To a Great video to Thank All The Troops! http://www.watt-up.com/videos/thankyou%20troops.htm


Jennifer Lopez Sexy - Leggy

3 things we know about Jennifer Lopez, she has nice boobs with dark nipples that shes not afraid to show, she has a big ass, and she wore white panties to the Grammys!
I figured that since she is now on American Idol that she may be around for a few more years, so I got together the photos I have been keeping over the years, damn had over 900, cut it down to +600 for 3 gallery's!
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Hayden Panettiere Classic Bikini Beauty through out the years.

I didn't realize that I had this many Hayden Panettiere Bikini photos, from over the last 5 years!
Check out the + 250 bikini pics.
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Petra Nemcova Gets the Boot on Dancing with the Stars - WTF!

Last night on Dancing with the Stars Petra Nemcova was eliminated?????
This just goes to show that guys are to lazy to vote, and the women are doing the voting?
Case in point Kirstie Alley is still there!
After Kirsties Monday night dance, I really thought she was a goner, made me SICK, don't believe me check it out on YouTube or ABC website.
And who the hell is voting for Kendra Wilkinson????
Don't know, just think its wrong.
Petra Nemcova we will miss you, Damn could you dance and a solid 10 on the Hotness Scale!
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Kelly Preston on Dancing with the Stars!

If you missed last nights Dancing with the Stars, you missed a Hell of a great night!
Our favorite Milf Kelly Preston was in the audience, any reason to feature her we're going to!!!
Just a Good night for DWTS, even Kendra Wilkinson didn't suck???
Cheryl Burke brought out the Mountains, something we don't see enough of.
I still think that Chelsea Kane and Petra Nemcova will make it to the finals, and guessing Kendra Wilkinson or Kirstie Alley will get the boot tonight?
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Karina Smirnoff from Dancing with the Stars goes nude for Playboy!

Hey why not??? Half of the ladies that are the Stars on Dancing with the Stars have posed nude at sometime through out their careers, why not the Pro Dancers????
I don't think Karina Smirnoff going nude for Playboy will hurt ratings, I'll bet it helps them???
I know when this issue of Playboy comes out I'll be getting it!
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Catherine Zeta-Jones enough is enough!

Catherine Zeta-Jones' publicist revealed that the actress recently sought treatment for bipolar disorder at a mental health facility.
Zeta-Jones had a rough-and-tumble year that included husband-actor Michael Douglas' high-profile battle with throat cancer, as well as a legal dispute with his ex-wife over profits from his "Wall Street 2" film.
She's out now, we hope the best for Jones and Douglas, enough is enough!
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Re-run High Resolution sexy FHM shoot of Rachael Ray

Re-Run: Just added all 5 High Resolution pics of Rachael Ray in her FHM shoot.
According to her Nightline interview this lady makes 18 million a month!
The hell with my web site and blog, I'm doing a food show!
To view pictures full size, just click on picture.
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