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Kellie Pickler Cleavage!

Looking Good!

Kellie Pickler Autographing a Pool Table, only one pic (sorry) but what a pic!
Check out her gallery's there's over 300 pics there.
To Kellie Pickler Gallery 1
To Kellie Pickler Gallery 2
To Kellie Pickler Newest Pictures

Lauren Conrad & Lo Bosworth TMZ: "That Lo girls very bitchy"!

Lauren Conrad and her roommate Lo Bosworth out and about, ya I watch TMZ and yesterday one of the reporters or what ever you classify them as said: "That Lo girls very bitchy", Ya couldn't agree more!
I love that show, not The Hills, TMZ!


Beverly Mitchell out and about

Haven't seen much of Beverley Mitchell since 7th Heaven went off the air. Too bad, she has Great Cleavage, Great Abs, and a Great Ass! See for yourself in Gallery's
To Beverley Mitchell Picture Gallery 1
To Beverley Mitchell Picture Gallery 2
To Beverley Mitchell Picture Gallery 3


More New Kate Beckinsale bikini pictures!

Orange or Black & White? Kate Beckinsale lookin Hot in both! Some of the b&w look like the were from 2 miles away, done with a huge lens, or worse, up close with a camera phone? We'll take Kate Beckinsale bikini pics any day!

Rachel McAdams making her Notebook!

Rachel McAdams is back with her ex Ryan Gosling at an outdoor cafe in Toronto. OK so I will admit it The Notebook was one hell of a good movie! That’s enough of my female side.


Jessica Simpson in white Daisy Dukes!

Jessica Simpson in white shorts performing onstage at an Indianapolis concert.

New Kelli Pickler Bikini Picture!

Kelli Pickler fans rejoice, another Kelli Pickler bikini pic! Added 30 new pics. Enjoy!

Is The Hills Losing Its Audience? I say Yes!

I finally had time to watch the season premier of The Hills, or should I say one commercial after another, one promo after another.
What a waste of time, I'm guessing the actual show was only about 10 to 12 minutes long.
Their 15 seconds of fame is about over! I know hits on our site have dropped -85% for Lauren Conrad and -70% for Heidi Montag, while increasing over +200% for Audrina Patridge!
Just goes to show what posing nude, good bikini pics and nip slips does for ratings.
I still think most of the ladies are Hot!