Memorial Day a Time to Remember

To all the Troops Past and Present, THANK YOU!!!
You didn't ask to be there, but Thank God you are!
To a Great video to Thank All The Troops! http://www.watt-up.com/videos/thankyou%20troops.htm


Selena Gomez Hot Bikini Photos with Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez is Smoken Hot in new bikini pics, down side is Justin Bieber is with her in most.
5,000 tween hearts are breaking that Justin Bieber has a so-called girlfriend????
Guys are throwing-up seeing this little boy groping her???
Now here's where there are 2 sets of rules, if you're a Hot Babe that's 19 and you're running after a tween star that looks 12 but is really 16 that's OK??? But if your a guy thats almost 19 and your dating a little girl that's just barley 16 you go to jail????
Go figure?????
Just seems wrong, if you know what I'm sayng?
Selena is Hot, and it's getting her in the news, most didn't know who the hell she was until TMZ reported the story they were dating???
Hey enjoy the pictures of her, she is Smoken Hot!
To over 140 pics New Selena Gomez Hot Bikini Photos with Justin Bieber
To Selena Gomez Picture Gallery #1

Cat Deeley - So You Think You Can Dance

Last night was the season premier of So You Think You Can Dance and if the rest of the season is as good as last night, they have a winner!
So You Think You Can Dance has produced such Hotties as Chelsie Hightower and Lacey Schwimmer from Dancing with the Stars!
If you haven't ever watched So You Think You Can Dance, you need to!
It is a show that makes you wish you could dance 1/10 as good as they do, their raw talent is unbelivable.
Like all other so called reality series it has its up and downs, last year was a little overwhelming when it came to the judges-choreographers inflating their own egos, but over all a 9 out of 10.
Glad to see Mary Murphy back, she is one crazy lady that you just love, and of course Hottie Cat Deeley is back with those leggggggs!

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To So You Think You Can Dance Season 5


Petra Nemcova Should have made it to the Finals in Dancing with the Stars!

Now that all the excitement of Dancing with the Stars is over, what’s up with Petra Nemcova getting voted off weeks ago and Kirstie Alley making it to the Finals?????????
Come-on Kirstie Alley could not dance on the level of Petra Nemcova, that was so apparent on the final show when Petra came back and danced.
She’s been gone for weeks and still came back and danced circles around Kirstie Alley!
Answer: Us guys are Lazy and didn't vote for Petra and there are a lot of Fat out of shape women that voted week after week for Kirstie Alley!
Enough said, go to Petra Nemcova and enjoy what a Real, Hot, Dancer, Should look like!
To Petra Nemcova Photo Gallery
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Scotty McCreery Wins American Idol

Congratulations to Scotty McCreery!
Scotty McCreery is the new "American Idol."
McCreery's win followed an evening of star-studded performances by Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Judas Priest, Tom Jones, Tony Bennett and Bono singing alongside "Idol" contestants More


Julianne Hough Best Bikini Pictures Ever!!!

I know I've said this before, but they just keep getting better and better and better!
These are from Julianne Hough's new movie she is working on Rock of Ages that she stars with Tom Cruise.
Tell me this isn't Great marketing on Rock of Ages part, I will go to see it, then buy the Blu-Ray as soon as it comes out, doesn't matter how good the movie is, it has Julianne Hough in it!!!!!
Damn Julianne Hough is so Smoken Hot in these bikini pics I forgot all about tonight's result show for Dancing with the Stars and final performance night on American Idol.
I have no idea why American Idol would move their night up 1 night, but I think this is a bad idea on Idols part???
Dancing with the Stars has been the #1 show all year and for Idol to go up against them on the same night, not smart!
Anyway back to Julianne Houghs bikini photos, I added a new Bikini Gallery where you'll find over 100 Hot New Photos from Rock of Ages!
To New Julianne Hough Bikini Gallery #2
To Julianne Hough Gallery #1
To Julianne Hough Gallery #2
To Julianne Hough Gallery #3
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Tonight season results show on Dancing with the Stars!

Update: Hines Ward and Kim Johnson Win Dancing with the Stars!

Who will win???
I really think Hines Ward and Kim Johnson will be the winners!
I would have gone with Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas but Mark Ballas is just too freaky, and I’m not the only one that feels this way.
Howard Stern, who we love, dislikes him as much if not more than I do, and I think a lot more people too.
Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy should have been gone after the third week!???
Ya we love Kirstie, and she is funny as hell, but come on she’s really not a good dancer!
Tune in tonight to watch the results shows, and see who wins the multimillion dollar Mirror Ball Trophy!
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More - New Julianne Hough bikini photos!

In the last few months we've gotten more New Bikini pics of Julianne Hough then in the 3 years she was on Dancing with the Stars!!!
Good Marketing or Ryan Seacrest????
Ya they're suppose to be seeing each other, that's Scary!!!!
Added 35 new Blue Bikini Pics of Julianne Hough, 1/3 the way down the page or start Here
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To Julianne Hough Gallery #2
To Julianne Hough Gallery #3
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Our Favorite Haley Reinhart gets the Boot from American Idol!

Sad night for me, an even sadder night for Haley Reinhart as America vote Haley off American Idol!
This season the last 3 contestants I will say are the most evenly matched to date!
I will be buying Haley Reinhart's CD if and when she releases one, and I really think she will??????
Haley Reinhart just gets me going, that curly hair and sexy petite frame along with her voice just make her a solid 10, The Girl Has Talent!
To Haley Reinhart Picture Gallery
To Sexy Ladies of American Idol

Miley Cyrus HOT Bikini Picture's!

Finally the Miley Cyrus HOT Bikini Picture's I've been trying to get up since last week!?!?
To the rest + 20 New Miley Photo's
To Miley Cyrus Gallery #1
To Miley Cyrus Gallery #2
To Miley Cyrus Gallery #3
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Lori Loughlin Makes my Heart Bang!

I was all set to post some bikini pics of Miley Cyrus when I saw these older photos of Lori Loughlin, she is one of my favorite of all time!
Lori's beauty is timeless!
All I can say is Enjoy, I know I am!!!
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Stephen Hawking: 'There is no heaven; it's a fairy story'

In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, the cosmologist shares his thoughts on death, M-theory, human purpose and our chance existence More:

Watt-up: I for one call Bullshit on Hawking's theory, he is entitled to his opinion, but I think he's wrong, I hope?????

Michelle Rodriguez Hot Bikini Photos and Cliff Diving

Not only does Michelle Rodriguez look Amazing but damn does she have Balls!
You wouldn't catch me jumping off that, but she has no problems doing it, she has for the last 3 or 4 years?
I'm guessing she has that ugly skirt on because the water after a jump from that high rips her bikini bottoms right off?
To the rest of Michelle Rodriguez Hot Bikini Photos and Cliff Diving Photos
To Michelle Rodriguez Picture Gallery 1
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Ralph and Karina get the Boot on Dancing with the Stars!

It was no surprise to me that Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff were eliminated on Dancing with the Stars, but they were my favorite!
Sad to see them go, hey only 1 week short from the finals.
To Karina Smirnoff Picture Gallery
To Karina Smirnoff Newest pics
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Dancing with the Stars Kym Johnson - most Popular!!

With her injury, perfect scores and the nip-pasty slip last night her page views went through the roof!
So glad you're OK Kym, just wouldn't be right if you were out with an injury.
Re-run: That's right guys out of all the Pro Dancers on Dancing with the Stars Kym Johnson gets more hits than any of the other Pro Dancers!
Its been that way since Julianne Hough left Dancing with the Stars, even when Kym and her partner in the past got eliminated, she still stayed in the lead.
Added over 30 new pics to her Gallery.
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