Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from all of us at Watt-up.com!
Have fun and if you're Drinking, Drink Responsibly!!
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Happy Halloween - Elvira - Cassandra Peterson Smoken Hot Pictures

Damn can you believe Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) is 59 years old?
These boobs of the Dark Lady still look Amazing!
Yes I would say they're real, and there are a few pics where Elvira shows all in her NSFW gallery!
Halloween weekend coming up, it seems only fitting to throw a few up!
Enjoy this Hottie!


Fergie Hot Hot Dark Side Photos!

Fergie Riding Slash in ' Beautiful Dangerous ' Video, damn she looks so Smoken Hot!!!
If this doesn't give you wood nothing will????
Over 50 screen captures.Enjoy!


Audrina Patridge Gets the Boot on Dancing with the Stars!

I'm more than a little surprised that Audrina Patridge got booted off Dancing with the Stars tonight!
She is not the best dancer by a long shot, but she certainly isn't the worst, when you have the likes of Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin still safe to continue to next week, I can't help but wonder who is voting?
Come on, Bristol Palin is one of the worst dancers I've ever seen, and has the personality of a rock!
Dancing with the Stars may be enjoying ratings of the #1 show, but this to may be short-lived?
While I'm bitching lets go with the attitude of these damn pro dancers, what's up with that?
I'm so ready to see Lacey Schwimmer and Maksim Chmerkovskiy get the boot!
You guys are glorified dance teachers, not stars, remember people, you've got 2000 Hungary dance teachers just waiting and hoping to get your jobs.
We will miss you Audrina, your 15 minutes of fame has lasted longer than any of the other Hills crew, so be happy about that.
To Audrina Patridge Picture Gallery's over 1100 pics!


Miley Cyrus Leggy and side boob!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand Married!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand got married in India at a luxury resort, Saturday, according to People.com.
A statement released by a rep for the couple said: "The very private and spiritual ceremony, attended by the couple's closest family and friends was performed by a Christian minister and longtime friend of the Hudson family. The backdrop was the inspirational and majestic countryside of Northern India."
Two elephants were seen arriving at the resort before the ceremony. A red carpet was laid out for them as they walked into the resort.
The trees on the path leading up to the resort were covered with gold and white lights.
Traditional Indian instruments, including the santoor and sitar, and folk singing could be heard at Brand and Perry’s wedding.
During the days leading up to the ceremony, Perry, 25, and Brand, 35, treated their guests to fun pre-wedding festivities, including wildlife safaris, dance and song performances and a Bollywood-themed party.
Watt-up: Again I'm going to be nice on this one, all I need is another fuc$%ing attorney sending more fuc$%ing threating letters to me!!
Congratulations, Cough, Cough.


Here you go Brooke Hogan fans

OK Brooke Hogan fans you tell me, are these Brooke Hogan pictures?
I can't tell if it is her, or a look a like, the tat on the 4th picture is what makes me wonder?
If it is Brooke Hogan, Damn there hot!


Raquel Welch at the 32nd Annual Carousel Of Hope Ball

Can you believe that Raquel Welch is 70 yrs old, Damn she still looks amazing!!
Ya I know who the hell is Raquel Welch?
Ask your Grand Dad, or even your Dad, they know who she is.
Check out her 2 gallery's, you'll be glad you did?


Brooke Hogan Hot Red Bikini Photos

This is the best we have seen Brooke Hogan look in a bikini!
Yes she has toned and looks amazing!
For the Brooke Hogan lovers check in this weekend, the pics of Brooke Hogan you heard about but haven't seen.


Happy Days Tom Bosley dies at age 83

From WENN Newsdesk: Beloved actor and "Happy Days" star Tom Bosley has passed away at his home in Palm Springs, California, aged 83.
Family members tell TMZ.com the star had been battling a staph infection, but further details regarding his death were unavailable as WENN went to press.
After serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II, Bosley made his stage debut in Our Town with Chicago's Canterbury Players.
He later shared the stage with Paul Newman at the Woodstock Opera House in Illinois, but his breakthrough stage role came in 1959 when he portrayed New York Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia in Pulitzer Prize-winning musical "Fiorello!" The part won him a Tony Award.
But Bosley is perhaps best remembered for his role as patriarch Howard Cunningham on the hit TV sitcom "Happy Days", which ran from 1974 to 1984.
He also landed a string of notable film and TV credits, including "Murder, She Wrote" and "Father Dowling Mysteries", and more recently cameos in "That '70s Show" and "One Tree Hill".
Bosley last appeared in 2010 comedy "The Back-up Plan", starring Jennifer Lopez.


Ladies From Glee in GQ and Rolling Stone

I've never watch the show, but after GQ I'm going to give it a Try!
Dianna Agron and Lea Michele look to be pretty damn Hot?
All I can say is GQ you got my attention and I will be tuning into Glee to see what I've been missing!


Keri Russell - Running Wilde - Oh Ya!

Keri Russell is one of those Hotties that the older she gets the Hotter she gets!
I have watched the first episode of Running Wilde, and I must say Keri looks so hot in short shorts!
As soon as I get more time, I'll watch the remaining two I missed.
Thank you Esquire magazine,
Thank You Keri Russell for being so Hot!
As always click on the picture for full-size.

Too Funny - Directions Please

Canadian postal workers decided to have a little fun. They rigged a van so that the people on the driver's side could only see the driver....who is a dog. The real driver, who is on the passenger side, cannot be seen. Partway down the street in a residential area the van stops and a man (obviously in on the deal) approaches the driver (the dog) and starts giving him directions, as though the dog is lost. This is cleverly done.
After having two root canals it feels like a rhinoceros is horning my mouth, this video helped take my mind off it for a few minutes. Take the time, it might make your day a little brighter.