So You Think You Can Dance, What A Night!

What a Night, our favorite Jeanine Mason, Yes she made it through to next weeks finale.
On a sad note Melissa Sandvig our 2nd favorite got the boot, but what can you say after last night, they were All so Good!
And yes our Favorite from last season Chelsie Hightower was back to perform 2 dances, and damn did she Dance, Chelsie who is now on Dancing with the Stars is soooo good, but we are use to seeing her being up-staged by the star she is matched with, I had forgotten just how Really Good she is!
This Year for me really started slow on So You Think You Can Dance, to the point I quit watching, but still had them on my PVR, it is now kicking some serious Butt!
Enjoy all the Ladies Picture, and Good Luck Ladies.


Chloe Sevigny a 10 in so many ways!

Chloe Sevigny has appeared in almost 30 films and television shows since kicking off her career in 1995, but let’s face it: Most people know her as the actress who went down on Vincent Gallo in The Brown Bunny, you may also know her from HBO Big Love.
She may be one of the reasons for Global Warming! HOT!


Ali Larter Has a 10 Ass and Shows Us!

So until 12 hours ago I didn't really give much thought as to putting up a Ali Larter gallery, then Hello, I saw these up skirt pics and fell in Love, again.
Ali Larter has a 10 ass, and perky medium sized boobs that are 10!
I found out through my search for more pics of this Hottie that she loves to wear thongs, and no bra!
I have never watch Heros before, but I'm going to watch it now!
Ali Larter you have a new fan!


Raquel Welch Classic Beauty at its Best!

Raquel Welch reigning 60s international sex symbol, don't know who she is?
Check out the 400+ pictures we have of her, your Dad and Grandfather will be glad you did, hell you'll be glad you did!


Katie Homes Lookin Hot on So You Think You Can Dance!

If you missed So You Think You Can Dance last night you missed Katie Homes lookin Hotter than we have seen her in years.
Not that she hasn't looked that hot, we just haven't seen it.
Now I know a lot of you like to bash on Tom Cruse, you know what I like Tom Cruse, he's one Lucky SOB, he's married to Katie Homes for starters.
I hope we see a lot more of Katie, hey Tom SHARE!

Jennifer Connelly Hot Bikini Pics from Bora Bora

Remember Jennifer Connelly in The Hot Spot?
Will she hasn't changed that much, can you believe that movie came out in 1990?
Time has been kind to Jennifer Connelly, and I'm sure she's work her ass of to stay looking this HOT!
To the rest of Jennifer Connelly Hot Bikini Pics from Bora Bora


Hottie Jeanine Mason From So You Think You Can Dance

If you missed last night on So You Think You Can Dance you missed the Best show so far this season!
Tonight is their 100th show and will be a 2 hour special.
Just finished a new gallery for Jeanine Mason from this seasons So You Think You Can Dance!