Maria Menounos and Denise Richards on Howard Stern

Both Maria Menounos and Denise Richards hit The Best of Howard Stern 2011, if you missed them, you missed what we think was Howard's Best!
Denise Richards tells it like it is and there's not much that Denise won't say!
Maria Menounos may not be as candid as Denise but she was almost there, but her boy friend was, that is until she told him if he didn't shut up he was never going to get laid again.
You got to Love them both!!!
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Kelly Stables Sexy Pics!

Kelly Stables is one Sexy Lady!
Who would have thought she has this much to offer in such a small package?
I have always thought she was hot, back in her Two and a Half Men days, I guess its time to watch her new show The Exes, I hope she shows as much in it as she did in Two and a Half Men.
Check out Kelly's gallery, almost 200 pictures!
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Kaley Cuoco - The Hottest Woman on TV!

Re-run: Maxim magazine says that Kaley Cuoco is The Hottest Woman on TV, and we Agree!!! This issue of Maxim has to be the Hottest magazine on news stands now!
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Katy Perry Hot?

Is ice cold?
Hell YES!
Ya her singing is Great, but her Body is killer!
Did I mention her eyes, ya guys her eyes are up there.
Added 150 more pics to gallery 3, now 4 Gallery's and over 900 pics.
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Eva Longoria makes me Smile!

Wind is a good thing when it comes to wind mill power, flying kites, and Eva Longoria up-skirt wood production????
Added over 150 new pics in all 3 gallery's.
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Merry Christmas!

To all the Troops and their families, THANK YOU!!!
You didn't ask to be there, but Thank God you are!
Thank You, and Merry Christmas.


Courtney Stodden - Ho Ho???

Okay you're all thinking it too!
Ya we're just pissed off that we're not tapping it too!
Kinda like the senior model of Heidi and Spencer, with a 17 year old???
Here is your first of any early Christmas present from Watt-up!
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Scary F**ked Up Christmas by Garfunkel and Oates

Too Funny!


Nina Agdal A Solid 10!

Added a Gallery for Nina Agdal, who once you have seen, you just want to order a teddy, bikini or bra!
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Katrina Kaif Hot Pics Added!

Just updated Katrina Kaif gallery to over 200 pics!
Katrina consistently gets high marks here at Watt-up, getting over 5,000 hits a day!
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Valerie Bertinelli Hot New Pics!

Valerie Bertinelli is Still Skinny and Still Hot!
From One Day at a Time as a teen to her current role in Hot in Cleveland, we just Love Valerie Bertinelli.
Update Valerie Gallery, now with 342 pictures.
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Dish Network????

Do new customer's get better Deals then Old Loyal Customer's????
After 14+ years is it time to change, has Dish Network taken my +$140 a month for granted?
I want to wait until I get the old equipment replaced, then I'll let you know how that goes.
Then when the new bill comes I'll let you know if that is what I was told it would be.
You may be Surprised!
Story to Follow!


Charlize Theron Back on Top!

From every thing I have read, Charlize Theron gave the best performance ever in Young Adult!
Loved Charlize Theron in Sweet November, Hell I love Charlize Theron in anything!
Enjoy Charlize Theron Gallery's over 500 pics!
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Howard Stern - America’s Got Talent

That's right our Buddy Howard Stern is going to do America’s Got Talent, like that's a big shock to those of us that listen to Howard daily.
Just hope it doesn't change Howard or his regular show???
If it does, I for one will be canceling my subscription to satellite radio, hes the only reason to listen now, and hes down to 3 days a week if hes not off on vacation, which is more and more and more!
Congratulation Howard, just don't forget about us, your daily listeners!
Ya I don't have a Gallery of Howard, but yes to his Hotter Half!
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Lindsay Lohan Playboy

Since Lindsay Lohan did her Playboy shoot and the pictures hit the web, her popularity has hit another High!
The newest Hot bikini pics are right here on watt-up, and there looks to be about 25% with major wardrobe malfunctions!
I'm sure they won't hurt her Playboy Magazine sales???
Just updated Lindsay's gallery's over 1800 pictures in 7 gallery's, Enjoy!
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Navi Rawat So HOT - Numb3rs

I miss Navi Rawat from the canceled TV show Numb3rs!
Navi Rawat is one Hot Lady, this is one Hottie that the paps need to get a lot more pics of, or at least another Maxim shoot!
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Nina Dobrev Hot Bikini Pics and More!

Nina Dobrev lookin oh so fine in her bikini.I have to admit I've never watched The Vampire Diaries, I may need to start?
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