House MD's Sexy Jennifer Morrison

So do we have any House MD fans? I thought you may like to see the sexy side of Dr. Allison Cameron! Who would have known under that lab coat was this sexy body! Check out over 300 high resolution pics of Jennifer Morrison.


American Idols Sexy Carrie Underwood!

Carrie Underwood has to be the most successful Idol yet. Every time I see her she just keeps getting better! What award hasn't she won? Seems like you can’t turn on an award show without seeing her on it. You go girl!
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Kaley Cuoco Poses in Bikini for Men’s Health

Not since her Movie Growing up Brady have we seen Kaley Cuoco in a Bikini, What a waste. This is one body that was made to wear bikinis, low rider jeans, and show those abs! Check out her shows The Big Bang Theory and 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter. I just added 189 more pics of her for a total of over 600.
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Megyn Price Hot Pics

What is it about Megyn Price that makes you just want to stare? Will 2 things come to mind. You can see her in Grounded For Life on ABC Family on weekdays and Mondays on CBS in Rules of Engagement. And right now in her Gallery here!
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Teen Plans Plane Hijack Crash Into Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana Concert?

Fox News reports: The 16-year-old boy was removed from Southwest Airlines Flight 284 Tuesday night by authorities at Nashville International Airport and found with "suspicious" items. Bolds said the teen had handcuffs, rope and duct tape in his bag and was believed to be traveling alone. The juvenile's name has not been released. George Bolds says of the teen's plot: "His plan had a low probability of success." Earlier reports also suggested the teen was planning to hijack the plane and crash it into a Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) concert in Lafayette, Louisiana. Bolds denies these reports. Do you think Disney a marketing genius had something to do with that? The teen is currently at the Davidson County Juvenile Detention Center. Federal charges are expected, but details on the charges the teen faces have not been revealed.
Will this change her concerts selling out in just minutes?
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Raquel Welch, a Sexy Blast From The Past

A new reigning 60s international sex symbol took her cinematic throne as soon as Raquel Welch. Don't know who she is? Check out the 400+ pictures we have of her, your Dad and Grandfather will be glad you did, hell you'll be glad you did!
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Morgan Webb, How about some new Pictures

I can't ever get enough of this Hottie? Morgan Webb makes G4 TV worth watching! Or are the shows so flat that isn't even true now? Will at least Morgan's not flat.
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Miley Cyrus bikini pictures, leaked from MySpace

Scandalous pictures of Miley Cyrus leaked? Come on people a teenage girl goofing around with her friends. Big Deal.
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ER Sexy Parminder Nagra

Parminder Nagra, most know her as Dr Rasgotra or just plain Neela from NBC "ER" And yes she does have a sexy side! Watch her on ER tonight. To: Parminder Nagra Sexy picture Gallery


Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann

Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann — Boring!!!!! This is a Total waste of time. Thank goodness I have a dishplayer, I fast forwarded through the first 23 minutes of the show, crap from the last weeks show. Then I was again fast forwarding through most of the rest of it. The tryouts were better than the so-called show. I admit it I do like Dancing With The Stars so I thought I would give Dance Wars a chance (three weeks) Will only one more week until Lost is back on! A real show, enough with the Reality Series that cost 39 cents. Put the damn writers back to work and get on with it. To get you in the mood for the upcoming Season of Lost what better than Hot Pics of Evangeline Lilly!

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Happy More Re---Run Monday Night

So now it’s been like 6 months now since the writers from TV have been out on strike. Marie Osmond from Dancing With The Stars went home with her 83 kids. We won't be looking for Helio Castroneves to dump Julianne Hough on her head and hopefully her top fall off. So I guess our choices are more re----------runs of Two and A Half Men and hope that April Bowlby is in it or more re------runs of The Big Bang Theory with Kaley Cuoco. There is Kyle XY on ABC Family. Better yet just stay here and check out all the ladies in their gallery's. Enjoy, there's nothing on TV anyway.

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