Rihanna Looking Good!

As always Rihanna looks Hot as Hell! In this newest set of photos she's wearing a leather and vinyl halter top and the kinkiest boots you've ever seen! Check all of her +800 pics and the newest in Gallery #6.

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American idols Sexy Antonella Barba

Since the start of this seasons American Idol my hits for Antonella Barba have increased 500% and today I stumbled onto 20 high resolution pics of Antonella Barba and the best pics from 2 years ago! Check out the bottom of her Gallery they are the last 20 pics! Enjoy
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My prediction on top 3 on American Idol David Archuleta

My prediction is that David Archuleta will be one of the final three in this season American Idol! If you missed it, below is last night’s performance. Enjoy


Valerie Bertinelli Looking GOOD!

I missed it but they had a gathering of the old crew from "One Day at a Time" on the Today Show. Looking Good and skinny again is Valerie Bertinelli. Take a jump back in time to Valerie's Galley.
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Happy Birthday Drew Barrymore

Can you believe the little girl from ET turned 33 this week? Drew, you're not getting older, you're getting better!
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Rewind - John Travolta's house, Extreme Wealth Gone Crazy!

After watching the Academy Awards last night it reminded me of this post I did a little over a month ago. John with this kind of wealth you can give me 200k, hell that would be the same as filling his 707 with jet fuel, chump change to him! I could pay off my mortgage and quit my real job.

Now and then I run across something so outrageous I just have to post it. This is what I call Extreme Wealth Gone Crazy!

"John Travolta's house is the ultimate boys' fantasy home made real. Aside from the parking lots for the brace of jets,there is a garden in the guise of a heliport, further parking for at least 6 cars, a swimming pool with hot tub,a 1.4-mile runway, a gym and stables for the 75 horses down the road."


80th Annual Academy Awards

Sunday night brought out the red carpet and a lot of the hopeful ladies. Check out the Gallery to see all in high res pics of the following ladies.
Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Garner, Ellen Page, Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway, Hilary Swank, Keri Russell, Jessica Alba, Calista Flockhart, Katherine Heigl, Diane Lane, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Renee Zellweger, Shaun Robinson, Amy Adams, Vanessa Paradis, Olivia Thirlby, Kelly Preston, Melora Hardin, Laura Linney, Lisa Rinna.

Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pics

Its snowing here, again, and I knew some Hayden Panettiere bikini pics would help brighten up the day. Hope they help yours too!


Emmanuelle Chriqui Sexy Pics!

Emmanuelle Chriqui has had some pretty sexy parts, here are some pictures to go right along with those sexy scenes!
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Replay - Tanya Memme Still Going Strong!

So now that the shock of her cutting all that beautiful hair off is gone I got back to looking for new or higher resolution pics of this Hottie. You will be glad to know I just added a second gallery of Tanya Memme! 48 new pics and 3 video clips. Tanya emailed me back (no-bull) and said she will get me some new High Res pics! That will make a lot of us real Happy. Still waiting on the DVD release of her new movie Terror Inside. Believe me guys this Hot Lady is not one of those stuck up Hollywood types, she writes back to her fans and even appreciates us.
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