Watt-up.com very own Hottie Nicole Picture Gallery Added!

I told you we would be adding more pics of Nicole, and there are a lot more to come!
NSFW Added!
Tell me you don't want to go boarding now???
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More Julianne Hough Hot Bikini Pictures!

Julianne and bikini pics can just keep coming all summer long, I guess there is something good about Ryan Seacres, he has gotten Julianne out in her bikini 4 or 5 time this summer already!
Added 40+ new pics of Julianne Hough, Enjoy!
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More Avril Lavigne Bikini Photos!

Avril Lavigne out in that perfect bikini body yet again, damn hope she stays down there another week or two, I'm not going to get tired of that Hot Body in a bikini!
Added over 90 more photos!
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2 Years ago today Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson Died - RIP

A spokesman for Farrah Fawcett confirms that Hollywood pop icon died Thursday morning at a Los Angeles Hospital.
The actress, whose career skyrocketed during her run on the 70s television show "Charlie's Angels" publicly admitted this year to a battle with cancer.
Fawcett left the hit show after just one season, but her popularity as a sex symbol grew when a poster of her posing a bathing suit sold more than 8 million copies.
She was 62.

RIP Farrah we will Miss You!
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CNN has confirmed that Michael Jackson is dead.
The singer died after suffering a heart attack, and slipping into a coma.
Jackson was 50 years old.
No doubt one of the greatest performers and singers of all time. Despite his recent troubles, Michael Jackson will be known as one of the greatest and The King of Pop!
RIP Michael Jackson

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Watt-up: Still missing you.


Avril Lavigne Hot Bikini Pics!

Avril Lavigne lookin ho so Hot, we have nip slips, bare butts and boob grabs!
What more could you ask for, OK what more could you ask for and get???
Did I mention I love her ass?
Added New Avril Lavigne Bikini Gallery!
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Where is Danielle Fishel?

Still looking, where is Danielle Fishel?
If she still has the weight off, a good bikini shoot, or nude shoot might jump start that career?
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Remember when Shawn Johnson took Dancing with the Stars

Re-run: Shawn Johnson became the third Olympian to make the Dancing with the Stars finale and, like Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Anton Ohno before her, the Olympian was crowned the Dancing with the Stars champion of season eight.
She is also the youngest star to compete and win the series!
Congratulations Shawn Johnson and partner Mark Ballas!
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Jennifer Lopez boob-nip-slip - Wetten Dass show

Why is it that all the foreign magazines and TV shows have sexier nastier photos then us up tight Americans?????
Sucks, maybe if American Idol let Jennifer Lopez allow her boobs to fall out their ratings would be higher then Dancing with the Stars?
I keep saying that Dancing with the Stars needs to lose the double stick tape, those babies are made to fall out?????
Thank you Jennifer you're making going to work Monday morning a lot happier day for thousands!
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Miss USA 2011 - Preliminary Bikini and Rima Fakih!

The Miss USA Pageant is on TONIGHT!!!
Looks like they now get to pick their own bikini, good thing!
I just hope that they show more of them when they do their little walk, never show them up close or an ass shot, really now how are we to make an educated decision based on no ass shot and a 2 second choreographed walk???
Let them strut and do their own thing!
Added gallery of these sexy ladies, over 70 photos.
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Happy Fathers Day!

Soldiers Surprising Their Loved Ones: PART ONE

Soldiers Surprising Their Loved Ones: PART TWO

To all you Troops and Fathers of the troops, THANK YOU!!! You didn't ask to be there, but Thank God you are!
To a Great video to Thank All The Troops! http://www.watt-up.com/videos/thankyou%20troops.htm


Jennifer Aniston seems so attainable?

At 42 yrs old how does sexy Jennifer Aniston keep guys so captivated?
Her Pure Sexiness, that girl next door look, oh yes shes not married????
I think for starters those 3 will do, but the list is so much longer!
Jennifer Aniston gives us just enough to keep us coming back?
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