Emma Watson HOT HOT Bikini ADDS!

Emma Watson New Black Bikini Pics!

Only 2 for now, put if any more surface we'll get them!I know there are a lot of Emma Watson fans out there, so I'm sure you won't mind the LQ of the pics?
Keep checking back for more.

Kristin Cavallari looks Good in a bikini!

Even if you don't like Kristin Cavallari or The Hills, you have to say Kristin is a 10 in a bikini!
Just added 2nd gallery for over 300 pics of Kristin Cavallari.


Have A Great Thanksgiving!

Thank You To The Troops!

Thanksgiving With Friends!

What could be better before the game and dinner but a walk through memories lane with Good Friends! Check out all the +800 pics of Sexy Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston!


Donny and Kym You done us Proud!!

If you missed last night on Dancing with the Stars, you miss one Hell of a show!
Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson took home the Trophy, well earned guys you deserved it!
Enjoy all the ladies from this season and past season here.
To Sexy Ladies of Dancing With the Stars


Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson - VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Hope you Voted last night, we here at watt-up.com are hopping for Donny and Kym!
If you didn't vote, got to ABC.com and do it now.


Joanna Krupa Nude in Playboy Again! Joanna gets the Boot on DWTS

Joanna Krupa Nude in Playboy Again, Playboy should have released this issue 2 months ago when Dancing with the Stars was in the start of the season, now they only have one week left and Joanna got the boot last night!
I have enjoyed watching Joanna dance, and can believe that Kelly Osbourne made it over her?
Joanna, enjoy your 15 seconds of fame, its about over!
Joanna Krupa December issue of Playboy on sale now!


Jennifer Aniston - Bikini Candids From Cabo San Lucas

Jennifer Aniston in a bikini is just Right, too bad she doesn't do the sexy shoots she use to, why, who knows, she still has a body that is hotter than most 20 year old's!