Olivia Munn Naked for Peta

I don't always agree with Peta and its stand on everything, put I do like their advertising ways.
Naked Ladies!
Naked Olivia Munn!
Now lets see the rest, and I don't mean elephants.


Shania Twain back on American Idol

Shania was back on American Idol last night, making it the best Idol this year!'
Shania, as always was Smoken Hot!
A 10 when it comes to singing and a 10 when it comes to Hotness!


Bret Michaels in critical condition with hemorrhage

LOS ANGELES - Bret Michaels is in critical condition suffering from a brain hemorrhage, his publicist said Friday. Joann Mignano confirmed a report on People magazine's website Friday that said the former Poison frontman was rushed to intensive care late Thursday after a severe headache.
The report said doctors discovered bleeding at the base of his brain stem. Mignano said tests are being conducted and that no further information was available.

Audrina Patridge New Bikini Pictures

Audrina Patridge newest bikini pictures as always are Smoken Hot!
Lets hope that once The Hills ends this year that Audrina still make those monthly bikini trips, better yet another set of nudes make it to the internet!
To Audrina Patridge newest bikini picture
To Audrina Patridge Gallery #1
To Audrina Patridge Gallery #2
To Audrina Patridge Gallery #3
To Audrina Patridge Gallery #4
To Audrina Patridge Gallery #5
To Audrina Patridge Gallery #6
To Newest Pictures of Audrina Patridge


Where is Danielle Fishel?

Where is Danielle Fishel?
If she still has the weight off, a good bikini shoot, or nude shoot might jump start that career?
Hell look what its done for Audrina Patridge, and she doesn't even have a real show?
To Danielle Fishel Picture Gallery


Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures

Some new bikini pics for Kim Kardashian lovers, sorry still not one!
The only thing I like about Kim Kardashian is a TMZ clip of her saying I Love My BIG FAT ASS!


Lady GaGa Best she's looked!

Lady GaGa looking almost normal?
Added 18 new pics.

Catherine Bell Lookin Hot as Always!

Catherine Bell, best know for Jag, looks better every time you see her!
Not a question, but a statement!Check out her gallery, see what we're talking about!


Emmanuelle Chriqui nude in Allure!

You may not see much, but you have to start some where!
Emmanuelle Chriqui is a 10 on every level!!!
Sorry there's just one, but there are over 500 pics of her in her Gallery's.


Heidi Montag New Bikini Pictures

I still don't know what to say about Heidi Montag?
With The Hills coming to an End, so is Heidi Montag 15 seconds of fame!
I'm guessing her second Playboy shoot will come out soon, as once The Hills is done and gone, people will be saying Heidi Montag who the hell is that??????