Heidi Montag more ‘staged’ natural action bikini shots!

Just what you wanted for the day, more ‘staged’ natural action bikini shots from our Real Action Figure Girl Heidi Montag! I thought she got rid of her shadow, guess that’s just another fine moment from the Fake Reality Series from MTV Product Placement network The Hills. Where the hell are the nudes we’ve been hearing about?

Kate Beckinsale is a Beauty!

Any way you look at her, Kate Beckinsale is HOT! We found these new high resolution pics of her. Enjoy!

Ashley Tisdale Leggy!

Ashley Tisdale is 10 out of 10 when it comes to legs! Watts-up with the first picture? We do too!


Sanjaya Prepares for Retirement commercial, now we can talk about his Hot Sister Shyamali

According to TMZ Sanjaya got a deal with Nationwide insurance to do a Retirement commercial, who cares? I’m hoping for his sister Shyamali to get one from Hooters or maybe a guitar company, better yet a nudist camp!
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Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Huff dating?

What’s it been 6 weeks since they had to be together on Dancing with the Stars? And pictures of the two are still showing up from cities around the US, I would have to lean to probably! 13 years his senior, he’s still a Lucky SOB!
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Denise Richards new Reality show "Denise Richards: It's Complicated"

I'm keeping quiet, until after I have watched a few more episodes. I will say this I was only going to watch five minutes and that five minute turned into the full thirty! Did I like the show, undecided? Do I like Denise Richards, kinda? Is Denise Richards Hot, Hell Yes!


American Idols David Cook and Kimberly Caldwell dating

According to TMZ David Cook and Kimberly Caldwell are dating! Is this a one time thing? Only time will tell, the Luck SOB! Between this and American Idol being fixed?, let those AI scandals kept on going!
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Tech side note: MagicJack Update

Update: Our review of MagicJack 5-26-2008

We are still in the testing phase; I would wait to buy this product as we have both pros and cons to report. To be fair we will test for one to two more weeks. Don't let impulse buying get the best of you.
We are currently testing the MagicJack and you can expect our reviews in a couple of weeks. Don't know what it is check out their website: MagicJack. Keep checking back for our MagicJack review!


Winona Ryder Pictures

Winona Ryder has always been colorful, from her relationships to her arrest back in 2004. One thing she has always been is Hot!
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Arms of the angel Fallen hero's tribute

Another Thank You To Our Troops!

Another Thank You To Our Troops!

You didn't ask to be there, But Thank God You Are!

Thank You!

Let Us Not Forget!
God Bless America

To A Thank You Video for OUR TROOPS!

Pictures of sexy Aisha Tyler from TV Ghost Whisperer!

Last night was re-run night on Ghost Whisperer. It was the one that Andrea “Aisha Tyler" has died but still in this world. I had forgotten how good she was in the series, and just how Hot she is. Hey CBS bring Andrea back, the series is lacking without her!
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Julianne Hough hits the promotional road for her new CD!

Has Julianne Hough giving up Dancing with the Stars for singing? Only time will tell, we hope not. We lost interest in the show once she got the boot, and based on the clip from The View, singing may be short lived.


Happy Belated Birthday Audrina Patridge!

No one can say posing nude is not good for your career! Ever since Audrina Patridge posed nude most everyone knows who she is! Two months ago it would have been who's the cute, skinny chick with the fake boobs? Happy 23rd Birthday Audrina!
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