Julianne Hough Has Leaked Photos?

The so-called Hollywood Hackers have hit Sexy Julianne Hough this time, or did they?
Could this be a marketing maneuver to Julianne Hough in the spotlight????
You be the judge, and enjoy looking at the evidence!
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Hilary Swank Hot at 37

Hilary Swank looks amazing and just hit 37!
Hilary and bikini just go hand in hand, added 75 new photos.
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Blast to the Past - Barbara Eden - I dream of Jeannie

After seeing Barbara Eden on TMZ the other day I thought you may like to see the sexy lady yet again, Enjoy her complete gallery!
Re-run: For all those fans of Barbara Eden - I dream of Jeannie, this ones for you!
Just added 1 gallery with over 200 pictures of this sexy lady.
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Reese Witherspoon Sexy Bikini Photos

Added 75 new, mostly bikini pics of Sexy Reese Witherspoon.
Reese looks pretty good for 35 and like 22 kids????????
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Victoria Justice Hot Pink Bikini!

Even though it was over 100 here today these pics of Victoria Justice really make me want to go to the beach!
Makes me want to ride a camel, too!
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Anna Paquin Sexy Red Lingerie!

You can always count-hope that in the hour True Blood is on that Anna Paquin is going to shed her clothing?
Anna's come a long way from chasing geese?
Added 70 nudes from True Blood of sexy Anna Paquin
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New Server!!!

You probably haven't noticed but we have been moving watt-up over to a new server this week, looks to be running Great, thanks in part to Dave!
The old server was 2 years old and getting a little tired, (like me) so we thought it would be a good time to upgrade!
If you find any broken links etc, Please drop a note in the comments telling us where?
The Watt-up Team.

Re-run With American Idol back on and going strong, I just had to run some of the Most Sexy Pics of Carrie Underwood ever taken, OK photos that we have?
All I can say is Enjoy!
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Bump - Amber Heard - In HOT Bikini For Video Blood Is Thicker Than Water!

On September 24th Amber's girlfriend Tasya Van Rae directed Amber and her sister Whitney Heard for a new short: Blood Is Thicker Than Water.
It features the sisters on the beach in South Beach, Miami set to the Florence + The Machine song “Dog Days Are Over”.
Amber we always knew that you are Hot Hot Hot, but where have you been hiding your sister????
Look closely guys there are some good nip slips too.
Added new gallery of screen caps of this Hot short video, and full size video!
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