Poppy Montgomery - Lying to Be Perfect

Poppy Montgomery in Lying to Be Perfect, even though it was a chick flick kept my attention for over two hours.
I guess my female side was showing, OK truth I would watch Poppy Montgomery read the freaking phone book for two hours and enjoy every minute of it!
Lying to Be Perfect is airing on Lifetime Sunday and Monday, and I'm sure through out the month.
Overall an OK movie.


Lady GaGa Picture Gallery Added

I don't know what to say about Lady GaGa's off the wall get-ups and crazy hair doos, but I do know one thing, Damn can she sing!
Just added over 200 pics.
To Lady GaGa Picture Gallery
To Lady GaGa Gallery newest pics


Ayla Brown from American Idol - Bikini Pic

Ayla Brown from American Idol is back in the spotlight after her dad Scott Brown was elected as Massachusetts newest Senator.
There's a lot of crap going around what he said about his daughters, but most of you know Ayla was one of my favorites back in season 5, so all I can say is I hope this newest burst of popularity will help her singing career?
Anyway you look at it Ayla Brown is smoken hot, with legs that go on forever.


Shania Twain on American Idol

Beauty hits American Idol at its Highest form, Yes Shania Twain as a guest host on American Idol last night.
All I can say is if you missed Shania Twain on American Idol, I hope you have a friend that recorded it?
Could there be a little something, something, going on with Shania and Simon?
Over 400 pics of Sexy Shania Twain in her Galleries.


Lifetime airs Jennifer Aniston in Derailed

Jennifer Aniston + Teddy = HOT!
Yesterday Lifetime TV had a Jennifer Aniston marathon, yes I spent a lot of the day watching it.
Jennifer Aniston in Derailed was what I think to be her most challenging role to date!