Supernatural its BACK

Sorry I forgot to tell you about the season opener last Friday, don't miss it tomorrow night!
The CW network yet again will have my happy little ass planted in front of it!
Supernatural is a show I love, and one I don't have to watch to keep up on celebrity news, but one I want to watch.
Sorry about the old pic, its on Fridays!
Did I mention the hot ladies on it?

Danielle Fishel Hot - Sexy and Skinny again!

We don't see much of Danielle Fishel, I think the last time I say her was last season on Dancing with the Stars?
Good to see her, and shes still skinny!
It would be nice to see her in a bikini again.


Chelsie Hightower Gets the Boot on Dancing with the Stars - Sucks!

You know it wasn't because Chelsie Hightower isn't Smoken Hot, I think it may have been that Michael Bolton can't dance????
I wish that they would stick her just 1 year with someone that has a better chance then 4 weeks.
Lets hope to see her through out the season on special dances.
Hey where the hell has Julianne Hough gone! (Ya I know Ryan Seacrest, what a waste)
I said it was a big mistake for her to leave, I guess I was right about the singing career?


Renee Olstead - The Secret Life of the American Teenager - Photos

Out of all the ladies on The Secret Life of the American Teenager Renee Olstead definitely has the best boobs!
Come on I admit I watch the show, and I'm sure a lot of you do to?
If you haven't, you need to, the show has some really good points on teenage pregnancy, even though most of the girls aren't teens.
Hey, there's enough cleavage for anyone!
This Secret Life of the American Teenager will be back next summer, but I'm sure there are reruns on now, it's on ABC family.
Just added gallery of Renee, with over 200 pictures.


Jennifer Grey still has it!

Can you believe Jennifer Grey is 50 years old?
Damn she looks good!
I think Jennifer will be one of the top three contenders on Dancing with the Stars, if not the winner?
Not only does she looked fantastic, but she proved she can still dance!
Just added a full gallery of 127 pictures, and guess what?
Jennifer has done some nudity in her movie career, take a look at the gallery you'll see what we're talking about.


Courtney Thorne Smith Sexy Teddy Pictures!

Courtney Thorne Smith is Just Plain Smoken Hot every time she is on Two and a half Men!
If she would have showed more of these +10 boobs on According to Jim, that may not have been canceled?
We're just Glad she is on Two and a half Men, and hope she sticks around longer than Kandi (April Bowlby) did!!


Jessica Alba - Machete - Hot Pictures and Video

Damn it's about time that Jessica Alba did something Sexy, and this is it!
Seems like since she had her kid, the sexy left, well it's BACK!
I have a copy of Machete the DVD on reserve, as soon as it's released we've got it.
Welcome back Jessica Alba, we missed you!


Kym Johnson Gets the Boot on Dancing with the Stars - Sucks!

It so sucks that Kym Johnson gets the Boot on Dancing with the Stars on the first night, we can thank David Hasselhoff!
I know I don't want to see him, and apparently no one else does.
Does he really think that we were watching him all those years on Baywatch?
Like we want to see his half naked ass running down the beach, David we were watching Yasmine Bleeth!
Anyway sad to see Kym Johnson already out of the competition.
Hopefully we'll see her on some specialty dances?
Just added 45 new pictures to Kym's gallery.


Dancing with the Stars – Glad it’s back but still undecided

I was pleasantly surprised at last night Dancing with the Stars, it really wasn't as bad as what I thought it was going to be.
The highlight of the night had to be Brooke Burke, yeah I know they’re fake, Dam that woman is hot!
I think we need a writing campaign to ABC to eliminate all double stick tape!
Based on last night I think Audrina Patridge will be lucky to stick around three or four weeks?
She definitely was the hottest star (cough cough) dancers, but one of the worst.
Good to see Chelsie Hightower back, and favorite of our viewers Kym Johnson.
I think the one to watch this year based on tonight is Jennifer Grey, can you believe how amazing she looks for 50 years old?
The one I hope is first to go is that douche bag Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino!!!!
It’s going to be interesting to see who goes home tonight?
Just added new gallery for Audrina Patridge.


Dancing With The Stars Season 11 - WTF

So you all know in the past seasons I have been a big supporter of Dancing with the Stars, this season looks to be a big disappointment!
Where the hell did they find so many D listers?
Hell there are some that aren’t even D listers.
Bristol Palin you got to be shitting me, famous for being the daughter of a vice president candidate that lost, got impregnated by some honky-tonk loser guy, who posed for Playgirl, shit I’m dumbfounded could ABC look no deeper than E Entertainment filler material candidates?
The list looks like an advertisement for MTV bull shit reality shows?
We were really hoping even though we like Audrina Patridge that she would fall off the radar and finally do more nudes - NSFW, better yet Playboy magazine, wait didn’t they turn her down already?
Yes I will be watching it Monday and Tuesday night just to see how good-bad it is?
This could have been ABC’s chance to Shine and take over the number one position for ratings an entire year, as American Idol is on its last leg?
I’m waiting for some good pictures to put up, they’re really aren’t any yet, and ABC’s web site is a freaking joke, unless you want to watch 30 seconds of advertisement for every picture.
Check out who’s on (below) then watch Dancing with the Stars Monday and Tuesday premier nights!

The official 'Dancing With the Stars' season 11 cast line-up:

Michael Bolton Age: 57 Claim to fame: Singer

Margaret Cho Age: 41 Claim to fame: Comedian/actress ('Drop Dead Diva')

Rick Fox Age: 41 Claim to fame: Former NBA player/actor ('Ugly Betty,' 'The Game')

Jennifer Grey Age: 50 Claim to fame: Actress ('Dirty Dancing,' 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off')

David Hasselhoff Age: 58 Claim to fame: Actor/singer ('Knight Rider,' 'Baywatch')

Florence Henderson Age: 76 Claim to fame: Actress ('The Brady Bunch')

Kyle Massey Age: 19 Claim to fame: Actor/rapper ('That's So Raven,' 'Cory in the House')

Brandy Norwood Age: 31 Claim to fame: Singer

Bristol Palin Age: 19 Claim to fame: Spokesperson/daughter of Sarah Palin

Audrina Patridge Age: 25 Claim to fame: Reality TV star ('The Hills')

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Age: 29 Claim to fame: Reality TV star ('Jersey Shore')

Kurt Warner Age: 39 Claim to fame: Super Bowl-winning quarterback

Paris Hilton Cops to Cocaine, Avoids Jail -BS

Paris Hilton just shows yet again that shes a liar, and the rich and the rest of us follow 2 sets of laws!!!!!
The entire story here, I won't wast any more time on this BS!
Paris Hilton Gallery 1
Paris Hilton Gallery 2


Kate Gosselin Hot Bikini Pics - Side Boob

Kate Gosselin lookin HOT, and a 10 ass to boot!
I know, I know the body's had a lot of help, but shes smiling!
Sure its for the pic, but we can hope?
She still has those sooooo sexy eyes, and a 10 ass, we can hope that the bitch factor may be lessing, is that a word, you know what I mean?


Jewel on America's got talent!

If you missed the Final of America's got talent last night, you missed the Sexy Jewel too!
I have to admit I haven't watch much of America's got talent this year, but when I heard that Jewel was going to be on, that was enough for me.
Damn as always she look Smoken Hot!
To Jewel Kilcher Gallery


Heidi Montag Loses Her Bikini Top in Costa Rica - OK Staged!

One of the biggest attention whores trying to make her 15 minutes last as long as possible!
Lets see in the last 30 day she has, called off the fake divorce of their fake marriage, made a porn with some playmate, made a porn with the Douche bag fake husband, has bigger fake boobs, fake ass (ass implants) hell just to name a few!
Don't know why I even waste my time with them, ya I do, they just make me laugh!!!!!