Katherine Jenkins Dancing with the Stars - Added

Just added a picture gallery of Hottie Katherine Jenkins!
I knew she was Hot from Dancing with the Stars, and is our favorite of the stars this year, but damn can this Lady Sing!!!!
Go check her out at YouTube, or check the video at the bottom of her gallery.
To Katherine Jenkins Picture Gallery


Jennifer Morrison Hot Bikini Pics!

Jennifer Morrison has her very own Hunger Game going on, she keeps me Hungry for MORE!
Check out her new bikini pics from Shape magazine.
Tell me she doesn't make you want more???
To Jennifer Morrison Picture Gallery 1
To Jennifer Morrison Picture Gallery 2


Selena Gomez hits DWTS!

Selena Gomez performed earlier this week on Dancing with the Stars, and I have to say sounded pretty good.
On to the reason I'm even talking about her appearance on DWTS, yes a lead in to her even better bikini pictures!!!
To the rest of Selena Gomez bikini pics
To Selena Gomez Picture Gallery 1
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To Selena Gomez Picture Gallery 3
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Dick Clark Dead at 82

Dick Clark, Entertainment Icon Dead at 82.
The man who seemed to never age, has died today at age 82 of a massive heart attack.
Our condolence's go out to his family.
Dick Clark RIP


Chelsie Hightower - Bikini - #1

Will it has happened, Chelsie Hightower has passed Kym Johnson on hits of the pro-dancers here at watt-up, sad to say but Julianne Hough who led for years is not even in the running.
Congrats Chelsie Hightower you are now #1 here at watt-up for Pro Dancers from Dancing with the Stars, better then any mirror ball trophy!
To Chelsie Hightower Picture Gallery #1
To Chelsie Hightower Picture Gallery #2


Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - Amanda Peet

So I had a Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip marathon this weekend getting through 6 episode's, damn did NBC make a big mistake when they canceled it!!!
Back in 2007 I wrote: I would like to see "Studio 60" stay on for a while. The characters and the fast-paced dialog - smart television is so hard to find these days, here's hoping "Studio 60" can stick around a while and not be canceled! Of course the TV networks can do another low budget Reality show, like we need more of that trash on TV! Check it out Thursdays 10/9c on NBC"
I had forgotten just how good TV can be, the calculation of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip ended an era of great TV, making way for trash TV or as I call them Reality trash shows???
Go rent Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, see how good TV once was.

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America gives Jessica Sanchez the Boot!

America gives Jessica Sanchez the Boot, and the judges use their 1 save, then continue on to tell us the voters that we voted wrong???
So why the hell does American Idol even have phone lines to vote, if the judges know all, why are we even watching American Idol, watching their sponsors ads, and maybe buying their products????
Let’s see how long Fox keeps American Idol on the air without America to watch and watch their ads.
I guess if we don't agree with the judges then we shouldn't watch the show, works for me, I for one won't be watching or taking the time to vote, Blah, blah, blah, enough said!


Poppy Montgomery Still a Hit!

Poppy Montgomery in Unforgettable is still a hit in our book!
Hell Poppy Montgomery in anything, or nothing is a hit!
Check out Poppy's gallery, one of the Hottest gallery's we have!
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Kym Johnson a Big Draw!

Kym Johnson is still a big draw at watt-up, do you think it's because she is smoken hot, has a sexy accent, and she is one of the best dancers on Dancing with the Stars?
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Jamie Lee Curtis back on NCIS!

That's right Jamie Lee Curtis is back on NCIS as Dr. Samantha Ryan, if you don't watch NCIS, like me, you may remember her from the John Carpenters movie Halloween and a couple of hundred other movies.
Young or current Jamie Lee Curtis is one Hot Lady!Check out all of Jamie's hot pics in her gallery.
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Happy Easter!

Hope you have a Great Easter, I'm guessing that Courtney Stodden wants you to too?
Seems like most holidays she tries to let us know that her hot body needs to come out and play?
On a serious note I want to Thank all the Troops and their family's for the scarifies they make that allow us to celebrate Easter in what ever form we chose to!
To all you Troops, THANK YOU!!!
You didn't ask to be there, but Thank God you are!
To Courtney Stodden Picture Gallery #1
To Courtney Stodden Picture Gallery #2


Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI!

According to TMZ Amanda Bynes was Arrested for DUI, Bynes was attempting to pass a cop car when she sideswiped the right rear panel of the vehicle.
She was pulled over and cops determined she was not fit to be behind the wheel.
Not good, could there be a pattern of girls that hit young stardom, then have no real acting jobs for a long time?????
Who knows, now on to the Good stuff, Amandas Gallery's.
To Amanda Bynes Gallery 1
To Amanda Bynes Gallery 2

What the hell happened to our pictures???

What the hell happened to our pictures???

As many of you have emailed me, I can't see the pictures, just a black triangle with a ! in it, below is what happened.
Good news if you click on that triangle it will take you to the full sized picture on our main site!

Watt-up: 40% of my pictures disappeared, I got a new android phone and Picasa sync to my phone, I deleted them off my phone, little did I know it would delete them off my blog.
I have the paid Picasa storage is there any way to get them back?
blog: http://watt-up.blogspot.com

Picasa - mod reply: Ouch. Not you too. Seems this has become a daily thing.
Whoever developed that mobile app should get off their ass and something about it. I already mentioned this many times to Google that people are losing albums/phones.
Sorry to say that deleted photos cannot be recovered on your account. I'm wondering if there's a tool you can use to recover them off your smartphone memory card.

Watt-up: Unbelievable, I thought it was just keeping pics to load quick on my phone browser, little did I know it was the ones for my blog, we're talking over 1000 pics! Plus you couldn't open them on my phone so I thought it was just a setting I need to change. My blog is now a mess, you can't tell me Google doesn't have backups, what if a hard drive dies?????
Google I need your help here!!!!!

Picasa - mod reply: Sorry, they have system backups but I have never seen a single request for an album restore being done. They (Google) have publicly stated that restores are not possible.

Picasa - Google official reply: Hi watt-up, I'm sorry to hear this. At this time, we aren't able to restore photos you delete from your own Google account.
To others who may read this thread, changes you make to your photos on your Google account from your Android phone, Blogspot blog, Google+ or Picasa Web albums affect your photos across your entire account. If you upload a photo via a specific site, like Blogger, it uploads the photo to your Google account and makes it accessible across Google services. Conversely, if you delete a photo from a specific site, like Google+, it deletes the photo from your account.

Bottom line is my damn android phone can delete every and any thing in my Google accounts, and it’s gone for ever, Google won't do anything to help you, even in a paid account like ours.
Just remember that you can click black triangle and it takes you to our sites full sized pic.
Sorry guys Watt-up.com