Julianne Hough gets the boot on Dancing with the Stars!

Sucks but Julianne Hough and real life boyfriend Chuck Wicks got the boot on Dancing with the Stars last night.
I said at the beginning of the season "I think Julianne Hough may have committed career suicide picking her real life boyfriend to be paired up with"
Then stop with the kissy, kissy BS with the boyfriend, its gotten old, looks like the viewers may have agreed with me?
We will miss you Julianne, but we want the old Julianne Hough back!


Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt get Married, Ha make me Laugh! Brought to you by MTV your Fake Reality Series, Product Placement Network!

So I don't know what the hell to say (that's a first) so where are all her so called friends?
Is this wedding real or a rehearsal for the bullshit fake reality Series The Hills?
Hey their laughing all the way to the BANK!!!!!!
Ya I know kiddies The Hills is as Real as Heidi's Boobs, nose and lips!
Those of you that want to see the wedding pics, go for it.
I'll take the booty - bikini shots of Heidi!
To Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Wedding pictures


Gillian Anderson to appear on British Doctor Who?

Is The X-Files star Gillian Anderson going to appear as a legendary villain in the fifth season of the British Doctor Who? That's the rumor being put forward by the U.K. tabloid newspaper the Daily Express.
Anderson would reportedly play The Rani opposite Matt Smith's 11th Doctor; as fans know, The Rani is a renegade Time Lady who first appeared in the 1980s incarnation of Who, played by Kate O'Mara.
The Daily Express based its dubious report on an anonymous "insider."
We can only hope that she does, and that we can get it here in the US?


In Plain Sight: A New Season Tonight on USA - Pictures

USA network's hot TV show In Plain Sight starts its new season tonight!
This has one of my favorite new series last year, but I think 12 episodes don’t qualify for a full season, as that's all they had last season!
Isn't a session like 30 plus episodes?


Lisa Rinna New Bikin pics

Lisa Rinna at almost 46 looks pretty damn Good!
Lisa has posed for the 2nd time for Playboy, due out any day!
"I'm 45 years old. I look good right now. Why not?" she told Extra. "Why not celebrate the beauty of the female body?"
Hell yes!


Re-run: Jamie Lee Curtis to pose topless!

Re-run: To celebrate her 50th birthday last year, Jamie Lee Curtis lost her swim suit in favor of her birthday suit!
Hot the first time we saw her nude and I'm guessing she'll look Hot this time too.
Keep an eye out for AARP magazine on sale Monday.
Until then you can see the last 30 yrs of history in her Gallery.
To Jamie Lee Curtis Picture Gallery


Jessica Biel Stripper Pics

Jessica Biel newest film Powder Blue, is going to be a hit with every guy in the US, even if it sucks!
Jessica Biel plays a stripper, so that means shes going to be nude!
I don't know how it will do at the box office, but you can bet DVD sales will set records on all her films.
Glad to see you back Jessica, now smile!

Kate Bosworth is just cute!

And did we mention Hot as Hell, especially in a bikini!


Kaley Cuoco - Hot Blue Dress

Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory and 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, lookin Hot from last weeks Big Bang Theory.
If you haven't seen this show, you are missing one of the best comedy's on the air!
Plus the eye candy (Kaley Cuoco) is unbeatable!
To Kaley Cuoco Gallery 1
To Kaley Cuoco Gallery 2
To Kaley Cuoco Gallery 3
To Kaley Cuoco Gallery 4
To Kaley Cuoco Gallery 5


Tanya Memme Oh So Sexy - New Pictures!

Tanya Memme, a constant favorite of ours, is always our most viewed lady on Saturdays.
Don't know whats up with A&E but there haven't been any new Sell This House lately?