Good Night and Goodbye!

It's been Fun for the last 6 years but it's time to move on.
I want to thank all you loyal followers for helping make our website a place to come!
Sorry guys and gals but it’s just not fun anymore, with all the BS that comes from running a site this big, to the expense, I'm pointing myself to another direction.
Big changes in my life lately have helped me with this decision, from a death in the family to a very special lady.
Hey who knows when I get back to the United States I may be back, I've always wanted to travel Route 66 and do a website with my twist and pictures!
Thanks to my family who have given up their time, not having me around, because every spare minute was spent here doing this, to Howard Stern 5 years ago talking about our site, kicking us up to 400,000 hits in 1 day.
It's been Real!