Re-run New High Resolution Tanya Memme pictures!

Tanya Memme Fans an early Christmas present from me, 5 new High Resolution Tanya Memme pictures! First 5 pics in her gallery. Remember you can open original in new window for full size of pictures by clicking on the bottom of viewed picture. Enjoy!


Whitney Port - Ha Make me laugh!

According to the NY Post: IT must stink to be one of the people actually working for Diane von Furstenberg. Though reality starlet Whitney Port will be seen toiling for the designer on her new MTV spin-off series, "The City," which premieres tonight, [Read: Whitney Hits 'The City' For Next 15 Mins of Reality Fame] one source tells us, "She doesn't really work. She is hardly ever in the office." Those who do work for von Furstenberg, however, are in the office daily and "can't get their work done because MTV tells them they can't move any thing at their work stations. They do so many reshoots that everything has to look exactly the same every day."
"The City," the spinoff of "The Hills" featuring Whitney Port's move to New York to work for Diane von Furstenberg, may be as fake as the reality show from which it comes and it's a headache for those just trying to do their jobs.
Come on People if you really believe anything about The Hills and The City is actually real then go ahead and believe you too can drive a $100,000 car, have a job that you do absolutely nothing, shop all day and party all night!
I forgot this is MTV!
Just another great programming moment brought to you by the BS folks at MTV also know as your Reality and product placement TV Programmer.
Hey, we did add a gallery of Whitney Port, nice legs and Real Boobs, that's all we need?
Can't believe their 15 seconds of fame is still going?


Danielle Fishel Leggy!

What ever happened to Danielle Fishel?
We saw her a couple of times in the audience on Dancing with the Stars, then the Weight ads.
I pulled her up on IMDB and she’s had a voice gig in 2007, Dorm Daze in 2006, DUI's last year, Damn, she needs to do Playboy, OK so they probably don't want her, so some nudes (hell just take some with a digital and send them to us, we'll post them) would jump start her career?
Said it before, look at Audrina Partridge and Vanessa Hudgens, until their nudes nobody (mainstream) knew who the hell they were!
OK Danielle, nudes, new movie, jump start career, we all win!
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Katy Perry in green bikini

Looks like Katy Perry made it to Mexico over the Holidays, good for us, good for that green bikini!

Elle Macpherson Tiny bikini!

Elle Macpherson smoken Hot in a Tiny bikini off the coast of Sydney, Australia this weekend!



Merry Christmas!

To all the Troops and their families, THANK YOU!!!
You didn't ask to be there, but Thank God you are!
Thank You, and Merry Christmas.