Memorial Day a Time to Remember 2016


To all the Troops Past and Present, THANK YOU!!!
You didn't ask to be there, but Thank God you are!
To all the families that have lost loved ones, We will not Forget!
To a Great video to Thank All The Troops!


Paige VanZant DWTS Finale!

Update: Paige and Mark came in 2nd, total BS! Len summed it up perfectly, if this were won totally on the best dancer Paige would win it hands down, enough said, Cheers!

Paige VanZant continued to Kick Butt tonight on Dancing with the Stars, every night she has just kept getting better, not only is she the Hottest on the show but she is also the Best Dancer!



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Catherine Bell Just Keeps Getting Better!

Catherine Bell, best know for Jag, looks better every time you see her!
Not a question, but a statement!
Check out her gallery, see what we're talking about!
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Rosanna Arquette One Hot Lady!

Rosanna Arquette has had a long career to say the least.
With over 100 movies or TV shows under her belt, she has accomplished a Lot!
Check out this Hot sexy Lady!
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