The Bachelorette, Really?

The Bachelorette Fake Phony and Scripted!


Ya I got roped into watching it tonight, the first time in years and I all but got kicked out of my own media room by the ladies because I couldn't quit laughing or saying are you Fuc%*ing kidding me, this is so damn FAKE!!!!!!!!
Really people how can some be so gullible to believe this SHIT!!!!????
Go Google "The Bachelorette Fake Phony and Scripted" it comes back with over 18,000 results: https://www.google.com/#safe=off&q=the+bachelorette+Fake+Phony+and+Scripted
Really Come On People!
I will say one positive thing about the show Jo JO Nice bod, even though I think the boobs are fake?
Enough said, Cheers!

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