Scarlett Johansson's Reps Confirm The Nudes Are Her

Scarlett Johansson's lawyer is on the attack -- warning a bunch of websites that Scarlett owns the copyright to her HACKED nude pics and anyone who doesn't take 'em down will FACE HIS WRATH!!!!
TMZ has learned ... Scarlett's attorney -- legal pit bull Marty Singer -- has fired off threatening letters to various sites including TheDirty.com ... demanding that the sites remove the "stolen copyright protected private photographs" immediately ... or face legal action.
Singer claims, "The highly personal and private photographs at issue capture our client self-posing in her own home in a state of undress and/or topless."
And just to make sure he's perfectly clear, Singer concludes ... "If you fail to comply, you will be acting at your own peril. Please govern yourselves accordingly."

UPDATE: According to perezhilton.com: "Scarlett Johansson's Reps Confirm The Nudes Are Her, Demand That They're Taken Down!
Well, that answers that! PerezHilton.com has just received word from Scarlett Johansson's representative asking us to remove the leaked nude photos of the Hollywood starlet, and also CONFIRMED that they are, in fact, her!
Oopsie daisy! Hey!
At least she's not trying to deny it!
Props for that!
Hope you enjoyed the ScarJo tittays while you could!"

Watt-up: Well I take this with a grain of salt too??
I like how perezhilton says: "Hope you enjoyed the ScarJo tittays while you could" really, does he think that he's the only one in the Universe that has the Hacked Phone Nude Pictures of Scarlett Johansson, F%*k they're everywhere!!!!!!!
I guess his arrogance pisses me off, he gets a call from her reps, I get a cease-and-desist order????
Sorry, I feel better now, anyway I'm guessing more nudes of Scarlett Johansson will follow, I can't imagine that there were only 2 of them on the phone that was hacked???
You'll just have to enjoy her gallery's until then.
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