Nancy Grace’s boob pops out on Dancing with the Stars!

Laughed my ass off, hell I'm still laughing!
And according to Nancy Grace: When we were doing our hop scotch portion of our dance, there was a little bit of movement but it did not rise to a wardrobe malfunction,” she told reporters after the show. “We have got every precaution known to man in this dress right here. I’m talking industrial strength precautions. So there may have been a little bit of, as Tristan said, jiggling.”
Hell jiggling I saw the top of her brown, yes brown nipple, and so did everyone watching!!!!!
I have as she would put it physical evidence on my DVR proving the fact, and so do 5 million other Americans!
I'm sure by tomorrow I'll have a picture too?
2 things to add, damn why couldn't it have been any of the other ladies beside Nancy Grace to pop out their nipple, and I'm still laughing!
Pictures, maybe to follow????
To Sexy Ladies of Dancing With the Stars

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