Kate Gosselin is Broke - Oh poor baby!

Wattup: I have a really hard time feeling sorry for this woman??????

From The Superficial: Now that Kate Plus 8 has been canceled thanks to its complete transformation from a show about raising eight cute little Asian kids to a strange, twisted look into the glamorous new life of a soulless, rags-to-riches control freak, Kate Gosselin is freaking out in the latest issue of People because she has to get a real job now.
Via HollywoodLife:
But Kate, who is used to TLC paying for her family to take extravagant trips to places like Australia and Alaska knows can already feel her life changing drastically.“I don’t want to take anything away that [the kids] have been given,” Kate says. “[I've saved] for a little while. People think we made gazillions of dollars, and we didn’t. After the show was canceled, I said, ‘I’ll go back to my old nursing job.’ If nothing comes up, I’ll do it. But the scary reality is, 12-hour nursing shifts every day wouldn’t let me continue to provide well for me eight kids.”

Kate has a full staff which costs $500,000: “Kate employs two housekeepers, two nannies, an assistant, and bodyguard Steve Neild.The mom-of-eight’s $2,000 hair: “That’s what Kate paid last year for a cut, color and Brazilian keratin treatment at Ted Gibson’s NYC salon.”Kate’s sprawling $1.3 million estate: “Kate’s 6,000 square foot five-bedroom mansion in Wernersville, Pa., sits on 24 secluded acres.”Kate spends $500,000 on her children’s private school: “Her kids are in private school. At 5 grand a month for each child that adds up.”Kate’s shopping sprees that costs ???: “Kate’s fashion tab is hard to know. TLC picked up much of it — but she loves to shop!”

Jon Gosselin Tells Kate To Stop Bitching: Yesterday, People released an exclusive interview with Kate Gosselin where she revealed she’s “freaking out” about how she’s going to provide for her kids now that Kate Plus 8 has been canceled, mostly because she’s been pissing all her money away on tummy tucks and new Audis (above). Enter Jon Gosselin who’s somehow managed to come out of this thing no longer looking like the douchebag sudden, questionable-pussy-laden freedom will turn a divorcee into, but instead a sane, level-headed survivor of the kind of marriage most men will only experience in the darkest of nightmares. RumorFix reports:

Jon, who doesn’t speak to the former star of Kate Plus 8, has some surprisingly stinging words for America’s most famous mom: “Reality TV is not a career. Get back to a normal life — a simple life. Provide for your family.”… Although Kate says she is “freaking out” about her financial future, Jon is optimistic. “Things will work out the way they should work out. Obviously there are families out there that have several kids – people work normal jobs and things work out. Everything is possible,” he tells RumorFix.And what if the Dancing with the Stars alum has to unload her huge farm home in Pennsylvania? Jon has absolutely no sympathy, “I don’t have a farm on 24 acres and the kids seem to have a great time at my house.”

When reached for comment, Kate responded, “Typical Jon. Of course, he’s going to say children don’t need a mother who gets free fabulous vacations without them to live a healthy, normal life. And is he honestly suggesting we live in a house where I don’t have a separate wing to live in while strangers raises the kids? HA!
Thanks for the parenting advice- Colin! Did you just put a fingerprint on mommy’s Audi?! That’s it, young man. You’re going to live in the mountain nest. *picks him up in her talons, flies off* SKRREEEEEEE!!”

Wattup: Now tell me do you feel sorry for this lady, don't you want to run grab your checkbook, send her a check to help her keep all the shit she got from a f@%king reality show, not ME.
Do you think the Red Cross will take donation for her??????????? enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!

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