Scarlett Johansson - Two NUDES Photos Leaked! -?

That's what I'm reading in a couple of blogs, are they her, or really good photo shop??????
One guy claims to have pulled this off the picture data:
Camera Make = Research In Motion"
Camera Model = BlackBerry 9000
Last Modified Date/Time = 2010 12 2025" with a Blackberry Bold 9000 in October of last year according to the exif data."
I'll keep a close eye, and if they are her, I'll throw them up, if not I might just throw them up too?
Just don't need another cease-and-desist order!
You'll just have to enjoy these until I find out.
Sorry, Cheers.

To Scarlett Johansson Picture Gallery 1
To Scarlett Johansson Picture Gallery 2

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