LeAnn Rimes Sexy See Thru! One of our favorites!





Ok I've waited all summer long for more Hot Bikini pics from LeAnn Rimes only to find these Sexy See Thru pics and totally nude underneath, only to find out they where from last year, Hell I'm slipping, total slacker I am, Lol, Enjoy!
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Happy New Year 2018!



Happy New Year 2018!
If you're Drinking DON'T DRIVE!
We would hate to loose you.
Again and Always: Thank You to The Troops!


Merry Christmas 2017!

I hope you all have A Safe and Merry Christmas!
To all the Troops and their families, THANK YOU!!!
You didn't ask to be there, but Thank God you are!
Thank You, and Merry Christmas.
Check out the Christmas Models link below, you'll be glad you did, Cheers!
To Courtney Stodden Picture Gallery #1
To Courtney Stodden Picture Gallery #2


To all the Vets, Thank You and God Bless!

To all the Troops Past and Present, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!
You didn't ask to be there, but Thank God you are!
To a Great video to Thank All The Troops!


Halloween Smoken Hot Pictures with Elvira!

Damn can you believe Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) is 66 years old?
Those boobs of the Dark Lady still look Amazing!
With Halloween coming up, it seems only fitting to throw a few up, Again!
Enjoy this Hottie!
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Pray for Vegas

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those killed and wounded in Las Vegas, what is wrong with this world this craziness needs to stop!


Hurricane Harvey

Our Hearts, Thoughts, and Prayers go out to the people of Texas and others affected by Hurricane Harvey. Please give if you can to help those affected.



I Love Kellie Pickler

Our favorite lady Kellie Pickler back tonight!
Catch it on CMT I Love Kellie Pickler is
just you would expect, need I say more?
To Kellie Pickler Gallery 1
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Jenna Elfman - Imaginary Mary




If you haven't seen Jenna Elfman in Imaginary Mary you need to!
Refreshing, entertaining and funny as hell!
Yes I have a major crush on Jenna Elfman and have ever since
the days of Dharma & Greg, but you be the judge, watch
it I think you'll like it!
ABC Tuesdays.
To Jenna Elfman Picture gallery 1
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