Elvira - Halloween Smoken Hot Pictures!

Damn can you believe Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) is 65 years old?
Those boobs of the Dark Lady still look Amazing!
With Halloween coming up, it seems only fitting to throw a few up, Again!
Enjoy this Hottie!
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The Walking Dead - Have they gone Too Far?

Tonight was the season premier of The Walking Dead, did they Go To Far?
I think for a lot this may be a breaker and they won't be tuning in for the rest of the so called season, sorry but I don't consider 10-15 episodes a season.
I'm on the fence on this one, it wasn't at all enjoyable to watch and I really didn't think that Glenn or Abraham were going to be the ones killed off????
Will I'll find out more next week alone with the rest of you???
On a happy note check out the gallery's of the hotties from The Walking Dead, Cheers


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Good bye to Dish Network after almost 20 years!

Will after almost 20 years with Dish Network after seeing my bill this month, I'm done! I gave them a chance to make it good and I heard, will you’re going to have to sign a 2 year contract to get new equipment, I need to add for over a year now the Hoppers that I have, have a few major glitch’s in them that I have called and called again about and heard that should be fixed on our next software update, yes we are aware of them.
Will I would have take the deal but not a 2 year contract, 20yrs never late on their bill, I guess Dish Network didn't want to keep me, Oh well I already have Netfix and it has a better picture then Dish, I guess I'll just add Hulu + to my media center and save over $100 a month!


Gene Wilder Dies

Gene Wilder died Monday at his home in Stamford, Conn.
His nephew Jordan Walker-Pearlman said he died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease. He was 83.


RIP Gene Wilder


Opening night of the Olympics - Salgado Sisters






What better way to start the Opening night of the Olympics but then with these two Hot Sisiters from years gone past!!! I know I'll be watching Ladies beach volleyball how about you?

Opening night of the Olympics - Salgado Sisters



What better way to start the Opening night of the Olympics but then with these two Hot Sisiters from years gone past!!! I know I'll be watching Ladies beach volleyball how about you?


The Bachelorette, Really?

The Bachelorette Fake Phony and Scripted!


Ya I got roped into watching it tonight, the first time in years and I all but got kicked out of my own media room by the ladies because I couldn't quit laughing or saying are you Fuc%*ing kidding me, this is so damn FAKE!!!!!!!!
Really people how can some be so gullible to believe this SHIT!!!!????
Go Google "The Bachelorette Fake Phony and Scripted" it comes back with over 18,000 results: https://www.google.com/#safe=off&q=the+bachelorette+Fake+Phony+and+Scripted
Really Come On People!
I will say one positive thing about the show Jo JO Nice bod, even though I think the boobs are fake?
Enough said, Cheers!