Elisabetta Canalis Eliminated on Dancing with the Stars!

WTF Elisabetta Canalis gets the boot on DWTS, Nancy Grace, Chaz Bono and Rob Kardashian make it through, that just F%&ked up!!!
Well we now know who’s voting and who’s to damn lazy to vote, or doesn't even watch the show.
I can see why Nancy Grace made it through, In my opinion (attorney talk) a lot of people want to see if her boob pops out again????????
Will guys if you don't know who Elisabetta Canalis is, you're going to kick yourself in the ass after you look at her galley, she is a total 10!
I'm having to do it in coppermine, but I will get regular galley's up.
Keep in mind her gallery is extremely NSFW, so if nudity offends you wait until I get the regular gallery’s up.
There are 570 hot pics, so go grab a cup of coffee, beer, what ever makes you happy and check it out!
To NSFW Elisabetta Canalis Picture Gallery

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