X Factor Ratings Underwhelming!

According to Nielsen, "Factor" pulled in 12.1 million viewers for its heavily hyped two-hour debut, with a 4.4/12 rating in the prized 18 to 49 demographic, which was far below the numbers for the night's ratings champ, Emmy-winning sitcom "Modern Family," which boasted 14.3 million viewers and a 6.0/15 for its season premiere. In fact, "Factor" was only the fourth most-watched show of the night.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that overall "Factor" averaged an 8.7 rating, which was half of the 16.4 rating "Idol" pulled in earlier this year in its season 10 premiere, which drew 26.1 million eyeballs in January. The trade magazine called it a "quiet start" for a show with the richest prize on TV — a $5 million recording contract — and which the mag reported cost the Fox network $250 million to obtain the U.S. rights from NBC. That's on top of the untold millions Fox spent promoting the show all summer and what we can only assume is Cowell's hefty producer/judging fee.

Watt-up: One thing that was a positive was Hottie Nicole Scherzinger, kinda fun to see Paula Abdul and Cheryl Cole even though Cheryl Cole was gone before the first night was over???
I say get rid of L.A. Reid and bring back Cheryl Cole?
Want better ratings shorter dresses, no bras, no double stick tape, and pokies, yes we need pokies, just saying?
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