Kristin Cavallari Eliminated on Dancing with the Stars!

Damn I still can't believe it!!!
Ya I know that being on a bullshit reality show 'The Hills' on a bullshit reality network 'MTV' can only take you so far, and yes I know that Kristin Cavallari 15 minutes of fame was up a loooong time ago, but come on, Nancy Grace, Chaz Bono and Rob Kardashian make it through again???
Who the Hell is voting?
Kristin Cavallari was our favorite of the ladies left, don't know what else to say.
On a good note Julianne Hough , yes Julianne Hough will be back on Dancing with the Stars next week and doing 2 dances!!!!!!
Welcome back Julianne, even for a short visit, we will miss you Kristin!
At least you can enjoy Kristin and her +700 picture, many of them bikini shots!
To Kristin Cavallari Picture Gallery 1
To Kristin Cavallari Picture Gallery 2
To Kristin Cavallari Picture Gallery 3

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