Chaz Bono Gets the Boot on Dancin with the Stars

Chaz Bono finally gets kicked off Dancing with the Stars!!!!!!
About Fu#$ing Time, who the hell was voting for Bono????
In Bono last words he said I wanted to show America a different kind of man, ya Chaz did that, a man with a Vagina, not a man in my opinion!
Now if Chaz had gotten more than her boobs taken off and male hormones, I could have seen the judge saying your a man, but she, he what ever didn't!!!!!
Glad Chaz is finally GONE, simply said Bono could not dance!
Now to pro Maksim Chmerkovski get this arrogant SOB off Dancing with the Stars!!!
I'm so sick of his self centered tantrums, and its not your show Chmerkovski!!!
Give him a year off, let him teach dance lessons for $10 a hour, then maybe bring him back on a trail bases as a part time dancer!
Sick of his BS every year!
Enough said!
To Sexy Ladies of Dancing With the Stars Gallery's

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