Shane is Dead!

Yes Shane on The Walking Dead is Dead!
The shocker is he was killed 2 times, the first one by Rick (knew that was coming) the 2nd time by his son 11 yr old Karl!
Ya, if you don't know what I'm talking about you're missing the Best show on TV!!!!
I know I said that last week, but that still holds true!
Next week is the finale of this season, so your not going to want to miss it.
The Walking Dead on AMC Sunday nights, and played through out the week, season 1 on Netflix streaming, or DVD.
The only thing I can say bad about The Walking Dead is there are only 10 episode this season, we want more!
Also on tonight on the Talking Dead was star from the show Lauren Cohan, damn is she not just Smoken Hot!
Check out her Gallery's, I think you'll agree.

To Lauren Cohan Picture Gallery

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