'Fashion Star' I want my 1 1/2 hours back!

Ya just what we needed another freaking reality show, NOT!
The only reason I even watched it was Elle Macpherson was on the Howard Stern show talking about it, ya she was Hot and Sexy, but Howard gets that from the ladies on his show.
The show was flat, and one of the worst reality show to date.
According to Jessica Simpson, who is a mentor (cough cough) “the world is run by women”, I guess she’s one of them???
The arrogance of some of the buyers and mentors I can do with out.
I'm guessing that as soon as the contracted amount of shows air, Fashion Star is gone BYE BYE?
Just my opinion, I've been wrong before?
On one good note Nicole Richie looked Amazing, its those sexy damn eyes of hers that get me every time.

Check out Elle Macpherson Gallery, ya she’s Hot!

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