Lauren Cohan - The Walking Dead

So of course I was watching The Walking Dead last night, and I keep thinking, I know that hot farm girl from somewhere, then it hit me, Bela from Supernatural, 2 minutes later shes in the pharmacy getting it on like most good farm girls do, and showing us major side boobage!!!!!
Then an hour later I'm checking the stats on the site, damned if her gallery isn't getting hit like it's never been hit before!
Just goes to show, take a Great show (The Walking Dead), add a Hot Farm Girl (Lauren Cohan), get her naked and show some side boob, Bam, get great Monday water cooler talk!
Yes AMC you are a cable - Satellite TV station, we pay for you, we can handle the nudity!
If you missed The Walking Dead check it out on AMC, I'm sure it will air again sometime this week!
Check out Lauren Cohan in her gallery, I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of her!
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