Tanya Memme Pregnant Bikini Photos!

Sexy host of Sell This House Tanya Memme looks Smoken Hot even pregnant!
Have to admit until last week on Sell this House I didn't even know she was pregnant let alone gotten married????
Damn a lot of guy’s hearts are breaking right now, our Sexy single lady is gone, damn I'm one of them, Tanya I thought what we had was special??????
I know we only emailed a few times, but I thought, damn I know I shouldn't have thought.
Anyway here is what I found: No. On line it said she didn't get married.
Wrong. She got married, October, 2010. On Facebook it says she is 7 mos. pregnant (as of March 2011) so she must be close to delivering by now. I saw her wedding pics and it looked like she was already showing at her wedding so she must have been 3 mos. or so along in October. I really think she is adorable. She has planned the wedding for a long time, so the preg. must have been a big surprise. I wish her well!

Ava - Born April 19 2011 at 11:11pm
Congratulations Tanya, we only hope you're not giving up your career to be a full time mother?
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Hot as hell even pregnant