Mila Kunis Now that's what I'm talking about!

We have always liked Mila Kunis, Voted Watt-up.com Hottest women you want to see Naked July 2011, not only is she Smoken Hot in these pics but she now is taking care of one of our Troops by going out on a date with him, Hell Ya, You Go Girl!!!!
"Hollywood actress Mila Kunis has said she will go on a date with a US Marine sergeant who asked her out on YouTube"
Watch the clip, it shows the story, and shows her underwear photo shoot!!!!!!
We Love You Mila Kunis, We Love Our Troops!!!!!
Her new move in theaters now Friends With Benefits, go see it!!!
New Picture Gallery added Today, 160 pics and 15 videos.
To Mila Kunis underware photo shoot and answering the solider about the date video
To trailer of new Move Friends With Benefits
To New Mila Kunis Picture Gallery #2
To Mila Kunis Picture Gallery #1

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