Main web server is down - Go here

Sorry guys but my main server has been suspended, According to Startlogic I have a Terms of Service violation, BULLSHIT Startlogic, I never signed a Terms of Service, I did ever thing over the phone, and what according to them is a Terms of Service violation, was discussed and that content was OK, according to their sales person, and his supervisor!!!!

Guys where talking a boob here and there, nothing more!
I'm trying to get a fully dedicated server up and running ASAP!
This is with a new company, NOT with Startlogic!
More time and money Lost due to Startlogic an Endurance International company!
Read some, but not all of the problems I have had with this company.
Again Sorry Guys, I’m getting the site back up ASAP

Note: You can still go to our old backup site here:
Main Watt-up site
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Sexy Celebrities Pictures K-Z index

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