What the Hell happened on Dancing with the Stars Last Night????

I don't know if it happened in all the time zones, or just on Dish Network and my time zone, but last night Ty was up next on the home town history and what should ABC do but run Melissa Rycroft piece, again!
Then to top it off, they finally run Ty's history, start his dance, and 20 seconds into it jump to the judges review!
What the hell happened to the complete dance????
One star (Melissa) gets her Home Town BS ran 2 times and one (TY) gets 90% of his dance cut?
How can people vote on a dance they didn't see, because ABC screwed up?
I think they need to re-do the entire night, so we can vote on what we see!!
Will ABC re-do Monday nights Dancing with the Stars?
Is this fair for TY?
Does this give Melissa an added edge, with her double coverage?
Did ABC do this for an added night of ratings if they make the stars perform again?
Don't know, but I'll bet someone is in the unemployment line today.
ABC can't let it stand AS IS, or will they?

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Anonymous said...

Ya happened here too.
ABC need to redo it tonight and make them all dance again, not re air it the right way