The Bachelor, Who watches this?

The Bachelor, Who watches this?
My oldest daughter. And now because she recorded
it on my dvr I just watched like 5 minutes and couldn’t
quit watching, like a wreck on the freeway.
Ya I know it’s totally fake and that guy Nick is a
douche bag but it’s the best laugh I’ve had in years!
I can see that ABC is still making the ladies tape their
nipples cause we all know women don’t have nipples
that come through their clothing and that their dresses
stay perfect and never go too low (double stick tape).
What makes it worse is I’m bin watching and up to episode 4
and all I can say is I hope Corrine makes it to the end
just to keep it crazy but I’m hoping for either Christen
or Raven.
The Bachelor, laughs, silicon, fake reality, Hot Ladies and blocked
out arises, does it get any better!


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