Giving Dish Network 1 last chance!

Updated: Will looks like I'll be staying with Dish, Thanks *TF you saved a long time customer!
Update: I'm going to give them 1 last chance today, if we can't work it out they can send me boxes for their receivers, I'll let you know how it goes!
Will after almost 20 years with Dish Network after seeing my bill this month, I'm done! I gave them a chance to make it good and I heard, will you’re going to have to sign a 2 year contract to get new equipment, I need to add for over a year now the Hoppers that I have, have a few major glitch’s in them that I have called and called again about and heard that should be fixed on our next software update, yes we are aware of them.
Will I would have taken the deal but not a 2 year contract, 20yrs never late on their bill, I guess Dish Network didn't want to keep me, Oh well I already have Netflix and it has a better picture then Dish, I guess I'll just add Hulu + to my media center and save over $100 a month!

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