Back tonight Dancing With The Stars! Season 21





Back tonight Dancing With The Stars! Season 21
Lets hope for a Good Season, and we can only hope that Chelsie Hightower will be back even though we know she isn't (sucks).
Here's to a Good Season with No Double stick tape!!!!
Unfortunately Erin Andrews will still be there, she totally rubs me the wrong way, yes she’s hot but enough already.
Julianne Hough is back as The Hot Judge!
I'm sure there will be more to write soon? 
Update: OK where the hell is Lynn????? He defiantly is missed and needed to balance out the judges!
Did Carrie Ann get a Boob job over the summer or one hell of an uplift bra, ya its working if that's what she got, Julianne Hough you're the sexy one where the hell did you find the dress?
Last but not least, ABC bring back Chelsie Hightower, what’s up with that?????
I'll give the Stars one more week and let them settle in before I start bagging or complementing on them, Cheers!
To Julianne Hough Gallery
To Chelsie Hightower Gallery
To Karina Smirnoff Gallery
To Witney Carson Gallery
To all the Sexy Ladies of Dancing With The Stars

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