What the hell happened to our pictures???

What the hell happened to our pictures???

As many of you have emailed me, I can't see the pictures, just a black triangle with a ! in it, below is what happened.
Good news if you click on that triangle it will take you to the full sized picture on our main site!

Watt-up: 40% of my pictures disappeared, I got a new android phone and Picasa sync to my phone, I deleted them off my phone, little did I know it would delete them off my blog.
I have the paid Picasa storage is there any way to get them back?
blog: http://watt-up.blogspot.com

Picasa - mod reply: Ouch. Not you too. Seems this has become a daily thing.
Whoever developed that mobile app should get off their ass and something about it. I already mentioned this many times to Google that people are losing albums/phones.
Sorry to say that deleted photos cannot be recovered on your account. I'm wondering if there's a tool you can use to recover them off your smartphone memory card.

Watt-up: Unbelievable, I thought it was just keeping pics to load quick on my phone browser, little did I know it was the ones for my blog, we're talking over 1000 pics! Plus you couldn't open them on my phone so I thought it was just a setting I need to change. My blog is now a mess, you can't tell me Google doesn't have backups, what if a hard drive dies?????
Google I need your help here!!!!!

Picasa - mod reply: Sorry, they have system backups but I have never seen a single request for an album restore being done. They (Google) have publicly stated that restores are not possible.

Picasa - Google official reply: Hi watt-up, I'm sorry to hear this. At this time, we aren't able to restore photos you delete from your own Google account.
To others who may read this thread, changes you make to your photos on your Google account from your Android phone, Blogspot blog, Google+ or Picasa Web albums affect your photos across your entire account. If you upload a photo via a specific site, like Blogger, it uploads the photo to your Google account and makes it accessible across Google services. Conversely, if you delete a photo from a specific site, like Google+, it deletes the photo from your account.

Bottom line is my damn android phone can delete every and any thing in my Google accounts, and it’s gone for ever, Google won't do anything to help you, even in a paid account like ours.
Just remember that you can click black triangle and it takes you to our sites full sized pic.
Sorry guys Watt-up.com

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