Whitney Houston Dead at 48

Her death came on the eve of the annual music awards. Houston, 48, had a history of drug problems.
At 3:55 pm Whitney Houston was pronounced dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, said a spokesman for the Beverly Hills police.
Watt-up: I'm not going to go into the monkey shes had on her back for years, other then to say What a waste!
Whitney Houston your God Given talent has been, and will be missed.
Whitney Houston RIP

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Watt-up.com said...

Ya I've gotten a lot of BS emails saying I was harsh about Whitney Houston death, not really I said what a waste, and it is, I lost a wife to drugs, and a son who has been fighting that monkey on his back for years, what I'm saying is I hate fucking Drugs!
Drunken Stepfather on his site said this: I have no sympathy for drug addicts…I just know it really gives us perspective how fragile a life is when you throw a million dollar drug addiction at it for the last decade, I totally agree!!!!
Enough said.