Update on Dish Network story!

Update: I just got a call from Mark at Dish, He says that the credit will show up on next months bill, after that it should be the right amount!
I'll keep you updated, and I'll have the full story start to finish as it unwinds.

Update on Dish Network story: As you may very well be guessing all did not go as I had been told it would by Dish Networks reps in the Customer Loyalty Dept, I am giving them a chance to correct and have contacted DISH Answers @dish_answers on Twitter, that was 7 hours ago and they have yet to call me back???????
It was @dish_answers on Twitter that contacted me on the first article here, about Dish Network and said they would help just let them know, will I did and no reply yet?
I'm not a happy camper!!
Full Story to follow!

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