Ashley Greene Hot Bikini - Panties Pics

Ashley Greene may very well be the Dark Horse to come out of the Twilight movie?
At first Kristen Stewart got all the attention, but since the totally nudes of Ashley Greene surfaced to the web, the attention seemed to shift to Ashley Greene.
Ashley, to my surprise (not really) for a while was a Lingerie and Underwear model.
Remember a couple of months ago when the Ashley Greene and Vanessa Hudgens new totally nudes appeared on the web, both their lawyers rushed to get sites to take them off, threatening bullshit lawyer crap, will 2 weeks ago on Playboy TV what did they show, but the those same nudes of both of them.
Funny that the bottom dwellers (lawyers) go after the site owners, most like me that have real jobs too, just to make ends meet, but Playboy with their deep pockets must have missed their threatening emails?
Anywho back to Ashley Greene, One Hot Lady!
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